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Magdalen College School

Change comes, as inevitable as the seasons
The group in MCS is going down in numbers, in more ways than one. The group leader Sam had to return to Australia to be with his family, and lead his last session on Tuesday. I'll be taking over from here, with no idea where the group is, and what is happening. The remaining pupils do seem to know however exactly what to do, some we'll hopefully get through, one way or another. It was pity to see Sam going - the boys will miss him, I'm sure.
Posted on: 24 May 2012

Somewhere around week 4... By Max
Yes, Jacob is defiantly right, numbers are decreasing substantially (only two left) We started by summarizing the books we had read (which didn’t take long, seeing as only Eoin and me came, all the others were playing cricket), and after several tries, one of which the computer decided to log off just after we had logged on, and much pushing of buttons, we finally got it working, and watched Patrick Ness, the author of ‘A Monster Calls’, talk about his book. Then the catering staff entered with muffins and tea, while we talked about ‘A Monster Calls’ and I learnt not to put too much milk in tea. Finally, we decided which books we would read in the coming week, I will be reading ‘My Name Is Mina’ and Eoin will be reading ‘Small Change For Stuart’. And once again, we were dismissed perfectly on the bell.
Posted on: 24 May 2012

Week 3 (Week 4 really, but who's counting?) - By Jacob
It seems that the number of attendees is gradually decreasing- 4 last week, 3 this week, at this rate in a month’s time there will be no one coming!

We discussed the books that we had been reading for the past week- I had read, ‘Between Shades of Grey’, Eoin had read, ‘A Monster Calls’, and Max had half-read ‘The Midnight Zoo’, (he stopped around the third chapter due to an incomprehensible plot line).

We were originally planning to update our group page, but thanks to a technological failure (as usual), we were forced into using the more traditional tools of our mouths.

As the catering staff delivered us huge chocolate muffins, we ranked the books in order, with “A Monster Calls” coming out top, and “Between Shades of Grey” a not-so-close second.

Finally, we chose our books for the next week of reading, and were dismissed precisely on the bell (impressive timing from Mr Reeves).

Posted on: 17 May 2012

Week 2 - by Eoin
We started at 1:30 pm. I, Jacopo, Jacob, Max and Mr Reeves first talked about the books we had read so far, which were "Small changes for Stuart" and "Everybody Jam", Which Max and both gave 4 and a half stars out of five to, so they were both very good books.

After that, we talked about the books we were reading currently, and then after that we watched interview questions asked to Ali Lewis, author of Everybody Jam, and they were all the usual, how did you come up with this story, etc, etc but the one that caught all our eyes (we had chosen that particular question!) was the question about Buzz the camel.

I really liked the camel in the story, but at the end of it there was really one question I had in my head.

How the hell did a CAMEL get into an Australian fiction book?????

Posted on: 03 May 2012

Every story has a beginning...
Last week the MCS shadow group had its first meeting of 2012.

Unfortunately there were less people than expected as people had forgotten that we've changed the meeting day from Thursday to Tuesday after the holidays! Hopefully more attendees next week!

We introduced the shortlist books and read through each blurb. Each reader picked a book from these to take home and start reading. Everyone seems keen to get started, and to enjoy reading some good stories!

We had a look at the shadowing website and how to post blogs and reviews, so our site should be filling up soon.

After all this, our group watched the author videos featuring Lissa Evans (author of 'Small change for Stuart') and were perplexed that through the whole filming, Lissa's dog seemed to be absolutely motionless.

We look forward to our second meeting!

Posted on: 01 May 2012