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St Luke's Catholic Primary School

Room on a broom.
Room on the broom is a tale where a whitch who kept on losing things from her hair or broom, like her hat, bobble and her wand. Each time the witch drops something she always meets new animals shes got a cat and when she dropped her hat she found a dogt who found her hat. Then her bobble fell out and she found a parrot who foun d her bobble, and when she drops things animals always found them and there were four animals or creatures.
Posted on: 28 Mar 2014

Recent Activities!
In book club, we have been reading Blackdog,The rainbow fish and a little amount of Rastamouse (which a member has brought). Today, miss.Dale has told us that we have 3 months to read some of the prized books and write the reveiws Here are some of the books that we are going to read:The paper dolls;This is not my hat;Oliver and moose bird snake wolf.
Posted on: 28 Mar 2014

Room on the Broom.

Posted on: 28 Mar 2014

Our book club
The names of the people are Liam/Amelia/Ella/Kornelia/Stephen/Darcy/Natalia/Lauren and Miss Dale we read books and when your finshed you get to draw.
Posted on: 14 Mar 2014