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The Red Maids' School

Launch and Holiday Reading
Our Carnegie Shadowing group was launched with great excitement. Meeting in the library, everyone was split into groups of four or five with a set of books between them. Armed with stickers and of course a bookmark the members of each group each chose their first book. 24 Year 9 Shadowers are now set to read the books during their Easter Holidays. It will be interesting to see what they all think having read a few of them. - Miss Bratt
Posted on: 03 Apr 2014

Meeting with QEH Book Club
The Red Maids' School shadowers will be having a joint shadowing meeting with readers from QEH School at lunchtime on Wednesday, 2nd May. After the meeting, remember to start adding your book reviews to our shadowing page. Also make sure to have a look at the QEH shadowing page to read their reviews as well. They are called 'Bookahead' so bear this in mind if you want to search for them on the alphabetical list of shadowing groups. Alternatively, copy and paste the link here to go straight to their page: - Mrs Andrews
Posted on: 26 Apr 2012

Decision time!
Thank you to all the year 8s who came along to our last shadowing meeting yesterday. We had a great discussion about the titles you've read, and there were lots of interesting and thoughtful comments from you about your reading. There were so many things you wanted to talk about that we almost ran out of time for the voting, but the debate seemed to have helped you make your decisions as the ballot papers came in quickly. The votes have now been counted and the book you have chosen as your favourite will be revealed on Thursday, when the official winner will also be announced. Watch this space to find out whether or not Red Maids' shadowers agree with the judging panel! - Mrs Andrews
Posted on: 21 Jun 2011

Meeting Today - Monday, 23rd May
Calling all Year 8 Shadowers: remember that there will be an extra shadowing meeting today at lunchtime in the library! We know everyone is very busy with exam preparation and other activities so we won't have a full meeting, but come along if you can and we'll have a short discussion with anyone who wants to talk about what they've read so far. If you've finished with your book, please bring it with you so that someone else can borrow it and you can swap for another title on the shortlist. - Mrs Andrews
Posted on: 23 May 2011

Let the reading (and judging) begin!
I've just read 'Out of Shadows' by Jason Wallace - in two sittings! A very challenging novel in many ways. Its set in Zimbabwe in the 1980s and although the war is over the book is filled with hatred and violence. This book doesn't offer much hope and you'll probably prefer it in years 10 and 11. Now I'll try Theresa Breslin's 'Prisoner of the Inquisition' which looks a dramatic read. I really want to get hold of the Geraldine McCaughrean ('the death-defying pepper roux'). Even the title sounds ingriguing! Do let me know if you've got a copy going ... And good luck with your reading and blogging.. Mrs Lewis-Barned.
Posted on: 11 May 2011

Shadowing Underway!
Around 20 keen Year 8s came to our first Shadowing meeting this week, and everyone seemed to enjoy looking at the shortlisted titles and choosing their first book to read. All the library copies have been borrowed, and some shadowers have obtained their own copies of several shortlisted books as well. I hope everyone managed to get hold of the book they wanted, but if not, we should all be able to swap for something different next time. I'm looking forward to hearing what Shadowers thought of their first reads when they bring the books back to swap for another title! - Mrs Andrews
Posted on: 11 May 2011