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St Johns School
Marlborough, Wilts

Just have one left(bear in a boat) them I’m done, trying to catch up with Miss. So far, WONDER is my favourite and Code Name Verity is a bit slow and boring.
Posted on: 17 May 2013

The Book of Chocolate
Hey there. We have all been reading different books off the Carnegie Shortlist. I have been reading Out of The Shadows. it is hard to be getting into but i think it is going to be a good book. By Sophie King Hi. i have been reading Out Of The Shadows as well.
Posted on: 08 Jun 2011

Posted on: 23 Jun 2010

St. John's Make Headway On Shortlist!
Everyone has been taking a Carnegie book home to read every Wednesday, and we have covered many of them! We found The Hunger Games a really moving book, if a little gross!
Posted on: 05 May 2010

Posted on: 01 Apr 2010

Once, by Morris Gleitzman, is a brilliant book about life as a Jew in Nazi Germany. The main character (Felix) is an orphan, and when Nazis come to the orphanage he decides to run away to find his parents. This is a very moving and forlorn tale and is definetly worth reading.
Posted on: 01 Apr 2010

Then is a brilliant sequal to the amazing Once. Then is very well written, it has very simple text but it is so excellently written and is very sad and moving. I t is very shocking even though i already knew about Nazi Germany. It sounds 100 times worse when it is written as though he was there. It made me feel very sympathetic towards little Felix and Zelda.
Posted on: 01 Apr 2010

S. John's Edits Homepage
We have edited our page, and we think the new look rocks!(Except Charlie, who thinks it's too bright.) We are enjoying our sunny days (Except Charlie, who thinks it's too bright) :)
Posted on: 31 Mar 2010