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In the vain hope Robyn may read this.... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!! (Georgie, Robyn and Jo want to know!!!!!)
Posted on: 09 Jul 2010

I can't believe it
I really can't believe the graveyard book won! I mean, come on, it was clearly the worst book in the short list, and was more suited to younger readers! They should have a group for older teens, 15 - 16, and it would make it so much more fair! The graveyard book was the only one really suited to younger readers, so in theory if all the readers were younger (11 or 12) they would have been more likely to pick it as a winner. The judges were all wrong! THE ASK AND THE ANSWER SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Georgie x x x
Posted on: 09 Jul 2010

In Response
Firstly, SINCE WHEN HAVE I BEEN DRINKING CAFFEINE?????? I hate tea, coffee and coca cola, all of which contain caffeine. also, where is there evidence to suggest that i did? it suggests harry potter and muffins, but not much more. secondly, i was unable to attend today due to a french public speaking competition. i did however finish reading the knife of never letting go and have to say that, once again, robyn, georgie and jo hyped it up too much again........enough said, or i'll be shot if i continue. Rachel
Posted on: 06 Jul 2010

Nearing the End...
Okay, ladies, so since we have received a winner and are holding our last official Carnegie meeting this week, I thought I would add a blog post. Firstly, clearly Rachel needs to stop drinking caffeine. J/K Rachel - you've been our most devoted blogger, and bring alot of passion and surreal images to our blog! Secondly, it's a bit disappointing in some ways that 'The Graveyard Book' won as we preferred other books mostly, but it's been really interesting, for me, to hear you discuss the shared themes and ideas in the books - particularly since they all seem so disparate. So, us few, us brave band of...bloggers...will meet finally in E8 this Tuesday. There will be awards to hand out, and hopefully goodies, and a final face-off over which book SHOULD have won (if you believe that's The Graveyard Book, come prepared!!!!). I hope you've received something out of this experience. I have had alot of fun watching you discuss and debate, and certainly in reading your reviews. Perhaps, if we start a creative writing club we should have a blog for that as well since it's going down so well here! See you on Tuesday ladies!!!!!:) Mrs. Bloom
Posted on: 04 Jul 2010

Who should have won?
you see, i'm not quite sure. i STILL have only read 3 books because of the knife of never letting go. they were the graveyard book, the vanishing of kathrina linden and revolver. i know graveyard book won, but that doesn't mean i thought it was the best. if i had to choose from those three, i would choose the vanishing of kathrina linden. i liked this book because of the background information it gave us. also how the writer made it seemas though only one girl would go missing via the title, but it turned out there were more and more. i thought however, it didn't finish properly. we never really found the reasons why. i'm disappointed in myself in that i haven't read all of them yet, and probably won't, yet i will constantly blame having to read the knife of never letting go. i was told that i would not be able to put it down because it's so exciting. i've gone 2 days without the urge to pick up THAT book. Rachel
Posted on: 04 Jul 2010

you know how i was complaining how we had to read the knife of never letting go before the ask and the answer? well, it kind if came in handy today. i had COMPLETELY forgotten i was supposed to be a part of the science olympiad team, so was unprepared when one of the science teachers was sent to fetch me. so, i spent the hour and a half journey there, and the same time back, reading that stupid book. at least i had something to do. Rachel
Posted on: 29 Jun 2010

i thought i'd comment that SINCE NO-ONE ELSE HAS TURNED UP FOR ANY OF THE MEETINGS AND WE ARE NOW MADE OF PURELY GIRLS!!!!!! that it is a very suitable background. Rachel
Posted on: 28 Jun 2010

Any who
I still have to read the rest of the books as i am a very slow reader. T|he knife of never letting go is soooooo slow, god it takes forever, and it seems to have a continuous repeat. he thinks something, she hears it, she freaks out, he gets mad, fog acts like an idiot. and what sort of a name is Viola, for god's sake. a viola is an instrument. you would not name someone flute. or clarinet. or cello. or tuba. or trumpet. or double bass. or trombone. or oboe. or bassoon. or piano. point taken? Rachel
Posted on: 28 Jun 2010

I told you all that the Graveyard Book was at least a half decent book, so HA! Rachel
Posted on: 28 Jun 2010

Posted on: 25 Jun 2010

Now i have finished all the books, i feel all but one (The graveyard book) were definatly (Or is it definately? Thats what the computer keeps saying i mean...) worth puttting forward for the award. Isnt the thing to find the winner today? Oh well, it probably is. Anyway, i REALLY enjoyed chains, but the ending was PANTS!!! I need to know more, more, more, more!!! I think it's just a publicity stunt, one that really annoys me! I like a book, or at least the part of the tales you are currently reading, to end and close off, or at least give me an insight (Or is that insite? Being dumb today) Oh well, And if you have read any other blogs of mine, I am STILL waiting for the next installment of The chaos walking triology ansd Dragon spear. And now the sequel to chains. In english we are now studying Mc (Or is it Mac?) Beth, and i really HATE shakespear. I'm sorry but it is just too boring!!! Georgie x x x
Posted on: 23 Jun 2010

At the moment I am reading the knife of Never letting go as mentioned in my previous post, and i have a few things to say about it. 1) I AM NOT KEEN OF IT BEING WRITTEN IN AN ACCENT. It is confusing and odd. 2) I do not see what a good idea it was to put a sequel into the award. to enable your audience to understand it, you have to read the first one, which requires time that could be spent reading other carnegie books. I have only read three of the 8, with the award TOMORROW so am not impressed that i have to waste my time reading a first book before i can read the one which is required. apart from that, everything is ok. i think. rachel
Posted on: 23 Jun 2010

HIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! First, I know it's not my turn, but I felt like writing something. Second, I'm awfully sorry Georgie, but I invaded your blog on Private Peaceful and added my own thoughts of the play. WARNING they were not positive. Thirdly, I feel as though I'am falling behind the rest of you. I have only read the vanishing of kathrina linden, The Graveyard book and revolver. personal opinions on these books: good, Ok, tediously mediochre with flat plot that had as much meaning as a giraffe wearing lederhosen and a rainbow scarf. (random comment there, but it fits). I have now taken most of the remaining books I have to read, excluding rowan the strange (because I forgot that) and Nation (because we have a lack of those books). I am at the moment reading *the knife of never letting go*, the predecessor to the ask and the answer, because georgie, jo and Robyn said to. I am a strong believer of page 69, so I have read it and am quite interested to see what leads to that point. However, I am at risk of harry potter Fever, the disease i have that attempts to restrict my reading material. i am at this very moment restraining myself from picking up 'The Order of the Phoenix' because I wish to remain faithful to carnegie. but it is stressful. i may have to eat a muffin......... Rachel
Posted on: 22 Jun 2010

Hi! Its me. Again. Is anyone else thinking i may be slightly obsessed with writing blogs? Oh well, its actually kinda fun! I am about halfway through the graveyard book and its ok - but really childish in some places. I also don't really think the character acted like a 4 year old, or a six year old for that matter. He certaintly didn't speak like one! Anyway i am still wiating to read chains and the final installment of the chaos walking triology - its really kind of annoying. Oh, also you have to look at other peoples sites, especially the 'neighbouring' ones. They have quite interesting polls that you can answer, so do! Oh, and answer our new one if you can! I know it is kind of confusing but you just have to read it really carefully and it should make some kind of sense! SO, i'll be going for now - write more later. Georgie x x x
Posted on: 19 Jun 2010

Hey guys! Just here to say i have fiddled around with the site to try to make it look better, but im not sure if you like it? Its kinda tough if you don't - but if you want to change some stuff (Font, background and 'Skin' whatever that is) you can! Oh, and is anyone else nearly finitoed with all the books? Oh and we have to write more reviws! One group has like 30! Oh and michael morpurgo has utterly depressed me! Private peaceful made upset and we read the play in english and i kept imagining Reggie (who played Charlie) being shot! It was horrid! I played Molly (His wife, who had his baby) and chris played Tommo- the main character. I liked the play, and how informative it was, but i disliked the ending! IT WAS TOO SAD! If it is ever performed at school, i will not watch it! I will be blubbing at the end! !"£$%^&*(_+{:Hi this is Rachel commenting on Private Peaceful. What a boring play. I found it tediously boring and frequently felt like using it to slap myself round the head as it would have proved more use for that job than that of reading. I suppose it could have been mediochre if they (the class) hadn't laughed at every other word. As you can tell, I did not like the play, butI'm sure the book had to be better. It couldn't be worse.:}+_)*&^%$£"! So... how is everyone? Good? Good! Can you imagine eveyone hearing your thoughts? I cant- but i have just been imagining, or trying to at least! Or having a whole world - your whole world - destroyed? It would be awful. Did Mau have to bury his parents? I guess so... Oh- or having your friends and other little girls stolen and murdered? DId anyone else think that the person doing it was a pervert? Or was it just me? I found the well bit REALLY REALLY gross! It very nearly made me throw up! Oh- and having to look at your dead father on a table, and having to fight off a creepy stranger who has just came into your house? Or shaving your head and finding out your 'dad' is actually your dad and your mum is a race the world hates? Well, i think i have bored you enough! Until next time (which may very possibly be a little later) Georgie x x x Myagagagag (Robyn will know what i mean)
Posted on: 16 Jun 2010

Okay, I completely wrote a massively long blog post [long enough to rival Georgie's ;)] but it decided not to post it :( Or possibly I did something wrong and I'm lucky the computer hasn't broken. I could be getting slightly off topic now, but...ooh, look how fast the clouds are moving! Continuing... Anyway, I've just read Rowan the Strange and it is AWESOME!!! But at the same time it's really sad. I love how well the characters are developed and it kind of felt like I could see directly iinto Rowan's mind, and I totally sympathised with him. (does sympathised have an S or a Z?) Also, that nurse was SO EVIL!!! It must have been a good book in order for me to start ranting about it :P I'm sort of half reading Fever Crumb at the moment, but since I'm way too easily distracted, I just pick up other books instead and start reading. Or I put it down somewhere and forget where I put it - that's a common occurrence. So if I can't find the book, I just start a new one. I've read Pollyanna Grows Up and Hush, Hush (again :P) and Five Red Herrings (Dorothy L. Sayers = awesome!) So it's not like I've not been reading ;) I'm running out of things to say now. I've just been listening to some great music (writing inspiration?!) - urm, I'm not sure what it's called but it's rock'n'roll stuff (: Robyn(:
Posted on: 14 Jun 2010

Ok... maybe i was wrong
Hi! I just have to say, fever crumb is not THAT boring, but it is definatly not one of my favourite books. I found it too slow, with a plot that wasnt really that in depth or as exciting as it could have been made. I also felt the death of kit Solent could have been more sad, and possibly more of a part in the story. Georgie x x x
Posted on: 14 Jun 2010

Fever crumb is boring. I have never before read a book which made me fall asleep, but i have now. The plot is moving nowhere and i am annoyed because after the ask and the answer, it seems incredibly rubbish and long winded. Georgie x x x
Posted on: 11 Jun 2010

Hi, its me. Again. Just here to list a few books i would reccomend. I have been thinking about it overnight and have thought of some i think you would enjoy. If you like ghost/physic based storys you might enjoy The Mediator series By Meg Cabot, or if you like vampire books there the Twilight books obviously, or the Darke academy series By Gabriella Poole. Werewolfs- Beastly By ALex Flinn, Dragons- The dragon slipper triology by Jessica Day George. Mysterys- any books by Anthony Horowitz. Other authors you may enjoy are: Rachel Caine (mostly series) Stephanie Meyer, Terry Pratchett, Elizabeth Chandler, Carrie Jones, Hey, Robyn here, adding more authors ;) Richelle Mead, Jessica Day George, Becca Fitzpatrick, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paolini. ciao........................................................................................ Rachel here, HIYA! i suggest J.K. Rowling, Salamander drake, Dean lorey, Julia Golding, jenny Nimmo, Michael scott, rick riordan(can't believe no-one said that yet?!), will peterson, Garth Nix and Angie Sage! If you want to add more feel free to edit this blog and add as many authors as you like! The more the Merrier as they say! Bye for now, Georgie x x x
Posted on: 04 Jun 2010

I have just finished the first book the chaos walking triology, The knife of never letting go, and found it truly amazing! A book that makes you laugh out loud, cry uncontrollably, not want to read on but can't stop yourself turning the page AND still be left wanting more is definatly a book i would reccomend to anyone! I can't wait to discuss it in the next meeting, and will be forcing everyone to read it. I can't wait to begin The Ask and the Answer! I still have to wait 5 whole days until i can start it, but in the meantime i will be finishing Nation and continuing Rowan the strange. I dislike Rowan the Strange, and can't really see myself enjoying the rest of the story. Other books i have been reading are the Dragon slipper triology, They are AMAZING! I am really annoyed though, as the last book, Dragon spear, is only avaliable in the US at the mo, so i have to wait for it. They are not really the type of book i pick up and start reading, being a fantasy tale about dragons and wars and a little dress maker, but they seem to come alive on the page and the author, Jessica Day George, has a style different to any other i have read. Apparently after the wave of vampire books that spread like wildfire across the world, books about Angels are going to be the new thing, and if you read any book, read Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth chandler. It is both sad and warming, with a storyline not really tackled that much in teenage books. It covers death, grief, saddness and love in a way that is beautiful and well worth reading. Also, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is a really great angel book. OMG! I have just been trying to find out the author to Beastly, an AMAZING book i have read recently, and have just found out it is going to be made into a major movie realeased this year, october the 15th! The author is Alex Flinn, and she turns fairytales into modern storys that are seriously totally AMAZING! Starring in it is: Vanessa Hudgens (hsm) Mary Kate Olsen (One of the Olsen Twins) AND Alex Pettyfer (Stormbreaker and Wild Child) I can't wait to see the movie! I am guessing the novel will become more well known and everyone will be reading it! Read it before anyone else! If its anything like the Twilight books, Modernising Fairy tales will be the new big thing! Georgie x x x
Posted on: 03 Jun 2010

I have read The Vanishing of Kathrina Linden and on my second book The Graveyard Book. Kathrina Linden was BRILLIANT, except for the ending which fell like a flat balloon. It finished far too quickly in my opinion, and there wasn't much to explain what was going on. We never found out WHY?. My question is about The Graveyard Book. Everyone else was saying that it was rubbish, slow and boring. I'm on chapter 6 out of 8 and I haven't found it boring at all. It's really quite imaginative, but I'm guessing that it's the pace that's putting people off. I quite like it. Every Chapter's like a mini story. I can't see what's wrong with it. The pictures are pretty too. AND the story is getting good. What will the man Jack do????!!!! Rachel
Posted on: 31 May 2010

Getting started
We've all started reading the books now and even choosing favourites. Personally I've read three so far, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, Revolver and The Graveyard Book. Now I'm on The Ask and The Answer, which I haven't started yet as I am reading the first in the trilogy first. I think it looks interesting. The ones I've already read are all good except the Graveyard Book. Although it might just be me, I found the Graveyard Book boring towards the middle, and I never really got into it. The others were great though, especially Revolver. It was exciting, and punchy, and fantastic. I hope I'll have read The Ask and The Answer by next time! Robyn :)
Posted on: 20 May 2010

The Beginning
So, we have had our first meeting and everyone has gone off with books to read and review! There was a bit of a fight over books. It will be interesting to see which books come out as the favourites in our meeting this week - the first where we will have a chance to discuss our reading! I have read 'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman and am currently in the middle of 'Nation' by Terry Pratchett. It reminds me of 'Island of the Blue Dolphins', which is a book I enjoyed very much when I was younger. I was fascinated with the idea of being the only survivor on a small tropical island. I'm excited to see how the book finishes. Our first 'guest blogger' will be up next week! Mrs. Bloom
Posted on: 18 May 2010