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Kettering Buccleuch Academy
Kettering, Northants

Fire Colour One or the Animal Game
At the beginning of book club this week we played the animal noise game., where you had to make a noise of an animal and also an action to go with it. Nobody could make the dolphin noise that Beth made and failed miserably trying to do it. Maybe that is the reason that her and Lola were the last 2 in the gamin, each winning a fudge. Making animal noises reduced some of use to tears of laughter (Elle). We spoke about Fire Colour One which some of us had read but non of us have enjoyed. We spoke about paintings and what paintings would make us think of different books. Biscuits this week were Breakaways and the juice was Oasis. Rosie DeVivo
Posted on: 17 May 2016

The Rest of Us just cast movies
To start with Mrs Piggott asked who had completed the Playlist task from last week - only Beth and Kayleigh had. Beth chose to compile a playlist for The Maze Runner including songs by Ed Sheeran and One Direction. Kayleigh's choice was for Harry Potter (big surprise there - not). She chose to have songs for each character rather than to reflect the movie. After much deliberation, Kayleigh was judged the winner. Well done Kayleigh! This week at book club we were discussing The Rest of Us Just Live here. The task we were set was to match the characters of the book with other book and film characters. Unsurprisingly, many of the characters were from Cassandra Clare's books (yes Chloe and Lauren we know you love it). A surprise character was Mikey being played by Spiderman (well they are both reluctant heroes). My group were judged to have the best casting and we all won a Fudge. It was then time for the winner of the Lie Tree book cover competition to be announced ..... Clara's was the best. Mrs Piggott tweeted it on the kba Library page and get this ... it was only liked and re-tweeted by the author Frances Hardinge. Woo hoo much excitement. We are hoping to meet the author at the end of the month when we go to the Hay Festival, maybe she can sign it! Biscuits this week were Twix and Family Circle - we all stuffed ourselves silly. Mia Rose
Posted on: 02 May 2016

We Are All One
This week we read some of the book One. The book has very short chapters and is a very quick read as it is set out in the structure of poems. (Most of us have read this in one sitting) After we read a few chapters we all shared our thoughts on the book based on what we had just read. A lot of the group had already read the whole book but we didn't want to ruin the storyline for the ones who had not. We discussed the title of the book, One when it is based on 2 girls. We concluded that it was probably because we are only getting one side of the story as there is only one narrator. We talked about the use of music to escape within the book and then we played The Shuffle of Shame. Students took out their phones and pressed shuffle on their playlists then had to play the first 3 songs that came on. Sadly nobody had anything really shameful (maybe Justin Bieber or Olly Murs haha). This week's biscuits were Penguins and Party Rings - yum! Don't forget to put your reviews on the website> Clara Green
Posted on: 27 Apr 2016

Ready, get set - GO
Book Club continues to attract a large number of students every week from years 7-9 (with occasional drop-ins from Niamh, Matt and Sophie from Year 10) Students have very different tastes in books which leads to some heated debates. Better to have a strong opinion on something rather then indifference. Who will be the first student to read all 8 books this year? My bet is on Beth but maybe Mia will be a dark horse. Don't forget to post your reviews - good or bad!
Posted on: 06 Jun 2011