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Blair Peach Primary School

Which illustrations are really imaginative?
Well I think that Millie's Marvelous hat was a very imaginative book because the fact that Millie had a imaginary hat was very creative, she could change her hat to anything. I also think that There are Cats in this book was very fun pulling to see what would happen next to the cats. It was very interesting. I recommend everyone to read these to books
Posted on: 29 May 2010

Other Great Books
I think that there are loads of amazing books which have been chosen for the Kate Greenaway Awards. I think that one of the good book is Harry & Hopper because it is a very simple book and all the pictures match with the words. It is very sad at the end of the story when the dog dies. Another book which I think is very good is There Are Cats In This Book. This is because it is very funny especially the pictures because it has some flaps inside which you can open and make your own type of scene. I think that they should add some more writing so then it will be better for the reader so they can have more to read and maybe they might learn new words.
Posted on: 27 May 2010

How Great The Books Are
In my personal opinion I think that all the books are great but the book that really stands out is Leon & The Place Between. Crazy Hair is a very interesting book and it's very imaginative. The saddest book is Harry and The Hopper because the dog dies at the end & I don't think is not a very happy book for young children.
Posted on: 26 May 2010

How We Like The Books
We like all the books, they're all well illustrated. Our favourite illustrated book is Millie's Marvellous hat. Oh yes it is really marvellous! Her hat looks beautiful. It also matches the writing and has been placed in the correct places. On the other side, we think the book Crazy Hair is the opposite. The illustrations don't match the writing. Now that you have read our blog, you know what we think.
Posted on: 21 May 2010