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Broomfield School

Fifth Year Yay
Posted on: 03 Jun 2012

Star Review
Thank you to Mrs Alibhai and whoever is responsible for making mine The Star Review.
Posted on: 30 Jun 2009

I enjoyed Ashmole alot because the building was absolutly pristine and the corridors seemed as wide as the Amazon River. It was great to find out what other people thought of the books and I was also glad to find we were not alone in thinking Bog Child didn't deserve the title of Carnige Winner! They seemed to hate Cosmic and Airman but I quite enjoyed those books. I was glad to see that The Knife Of Never Letting Go finally got the respect it deserves! It was a very nice afternoon out and everyone at Ashmole was very hospitable.
Posted on: 30 Jun 2009

Our Poll
I find it rather amusing that after the winner was announced it won our poll as the worst book. If had never been loved by us but it got a worse result than creature of the night! I am sure some people/person have/has voted quite a few times!
Posted on: 30 Jun 2009

Palmers Green Library
We went to Palmers Green Library after school on Wednesday 23rd June at 4:00pm. We were there amongst 105 people from different Enfield schools that all took part in the Carnegie shadowing group. we had a vote and a quiz... we did quite well and we were happy with the final vote as the winner for Enfield was 'Black Rabbit Summer' our school's favourite.
Posted on: 25 Jun 2009

Our group thought Cosmic was not so bad after we read a few of the others..... some were terrible including BOG CHILD - the winner!!!
Posted on: 25 Jun 2009

Black Rabbit Summer
i truly loved black Rabbit Summer as it got me hooked up into it. It had a plot that made you want to read on and i thought it had a quite unexpected ending
Posted on: 21 Jun 2009