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Mayfield School
East Sussex,

The smell of other people's houses
In our book club, The smell of other people's houses has been getting very mixed reactions. On one hand some of us thought that the plot was exciting and kept us on the edge of our seats, but others said that they found The smell of other people's houses slow to get into and that the frequent switch of perspective was difficult to keep up with. Despite our differences, I think that we could all agree that the portrayal of the characters was excellent and far from the cliche that is so frequently seen in young adult books today. The plot was certainly unlike anything we have every seen and we all liked how Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock tactfully invloved a little bit of Alaskan history into the busy plot . We all enjoyed how the ending only really come together in the last few chapters because it made the reading experience unpredictable up to the very last page. Overall, The smell of other people's houses was a great page turner and a satisfying read.
Posted on: 23 May 2017

2016 - Just getting started
We are loving the shortlist and can't wait to read them all.
Posted on: 21 Apr 2016

We are all really busy reading the shortlist.
Posted on: 05 Feb 2015

who are we? take 2
we are now a year 9 and 10 group, we absolutely love reading and would like to encourage everyone out there to do the same. At the moment our favourite book is Wonder.
Posted on: 17 Apr 2013

What books we thought were good!
Our favourite books from the Shortlist are A Monster Calls & Between Shades of Grey. We thought that they were both really moving and they kept us reading!!!
Posted on: 28 Mar 2012

Our top 10 books!!!
In no particular order, these are our favourite books and series we recommend to all our fellow readers! - Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief - Noughts and Crosses Trilogy - The Hunger Games Series - Girl, Missing - Matched - The Fallen Series - Ruby Red - Stolen - The Medusa Project Series -Harry Potter Series
Posted on: 14 Mar 2012

Who are we?
We are the Year 9 Group, together with our Library Prefect. We are currently reading a selection of books from the longlist. We can't wait to find out which books have made the shortlist and hope that some of our favourites will!
Posted on: 30 Mar 2011