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Milverton Primary School
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

3T voting results!
We have just voted for our favourites and the count comes out at: Varmints = 14 votes Little Boat = 13 votes Snow Goose = 1 vote Can't wait to see who wins!
Posted on: 16 Jun 2009

Exciting news!
We are all so excited because the warwickshire library service is going to hold the local reading groups awards at our school! Different reading groups from the local area shall come to our school at the end of June and share all their thoughts and favourite books.
Posted on: 11 Jun 2009

3T thinks about illustrating!
We have learnt lots of different things about illustrators! In Molly and the night monster there is only one colour. This is because it's at night time and blue shows us the feeling of being frightened. In The way back home, Little boat and Harris finds his feet there is a double page with a small picture in the corner which shows the character to be alone. we've looked at placing pictures on a page, like in Molly and the night monster when the charcters are on one side of the book behind the door. We have made our own books in the style of Thomas Docherty all about a character being able to achieve any challenge! We are also creating our own scenes based on hope, kindness, helpfulness, love and freedom and taking photographs with a light on the main subject.
Posted on: 08 Jun 2009

3T shadows a martian
We are shadowing the Kate Greenaway awards in class. We have looked at our favourite pages in The way back home. We wrote a book review in partners about this book and its illustrations. We learnt a new word 'synergy', which means how the picture matches the writing on the page. Some of us also learnt the word 'martian'. We think Jeffers used this word becuse it's more WOW than alien and makes us think of different styles of space creatures.
Posted on: 12 May 2009