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Northwood College for Girls GDST
Northwood, MIDDX

Five children on the Western front
Wow! Really loved this book! Sad and funny.
Posted on: 10 May 2016

The Lie Tree
This was a really great book that has lots of twists in to make it more exciting. It is a mixture of mystery and fantasy! Read it!
Posted on: 10 May 2016

Middle of nowhere
Really enjoyed this book! I loved Comity!
Posted on: 25 Mar 2015

The Child's Elephant
This was my favourite out of the four books i have read so far.
Posted on: 06 May 2014

All the truth that's in me.
I found the layout interesting however, I prefer longer chapters. It took me a while to to get into it however once I did I couldn't put it down..
Posted on: 06 May 2014

Kate Greenaway Award
Junior School Book Club is looking at this year's Kate Greenaway shortlist! Fantastic!
Posted on: 24 Mar 2014

I think......
Ever since I joined book club the teachers who are in charge of book club are very co-operative ingetting us the books we need. it is my favourite club. you can learn lots from books.
Posted on: 08 May 2012

I think.....
Since I joined Book Club I know what books to read and I'm not reading the same books over again!
Posted on: 08 May 2012

Posted on: 16 Jun 2009