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Anderson High School

'Out of Shadows' by Jason Wallace
"Out of Shadows" follows an English child Robert Jackling at a Zimbabwean boarding school in the 80's as he struggles to make friends with extremist Ian Hascott and as Ivan and his gang become more and more aggresive toward the Zimbabwean people Robert must make the choice of a lifetime. This was an exceptional book and our group coudlnt find any real flaws in the last half, a part from the lack of explanation for Ian's gang. It gives a very gritty and real perspective on 1980's Zimbabwe. With great description from start to finish. Our favourite and probably one of the key points in the story is the part of the book when the history Mr van Hout gets fired for racism and violence against a native African. This shows how much this was a problem in parts of Africa such as Zimbabwe. By Charlie,Johnny, Colin and Shane :)
Posted on: 23 May 2011

"Prisoner of the Inquisition"
The end of the book "Prisoner of the Inquisition" is a very vivid mix of history and love combined together with turmoil and a clever twist at the end. Whe Zarita and Saulo finally meet they don't completeley recognise each other. As they fall in love with one another they face the painful truth of when they first met. Saulo wants his revenge with the family who killed his father but will he go through with it when he realises the love of his life is the cause of his father's death? Zarita has problems of her own as a result of the Inquistion: Will Saulo save her and more importantly will their love survive? Yhanna, Sarah and Anthony
Posted on: 23 May 2011

"The Bride's Farewell"
"The Bride's Farewell" is a novel written by Meg Roseff. It is an adventure novel. The main characters are the young woman, Pell, Jack the horse and Bean, Pell's young brother. At the start of the novel Pell doesn't want to get married to a a boy she has known all her life so she runs away. She takes her trusy horse, Jack and Bean comes with her as well. She runs away to Salisbury to find work. Salisbury holds a horse market every year and Pell thinks there will be plenty of work there. So far this book has been very confusing to read. It's difficult to keep track of the characters and what is going on. Ashleigh and Aimee.
Posted on: 18 May 2011

"The Death Defying Pepper Roux"
"The Death Dedying Pepper Roux" is a novel written by Geraldine McCaughrean. It is an advernture/black comedy. Pepper Roux ,a.k.a Le Pouvre to his family, is born in a small French village.His Aunt Merielle had a dream that Saint Constance told her her nephew would die before he was 14. She believes this because she is a religious woman. When Pepper turns 14 he is still living and decides to run away from his fate. He makes his escape by taking over his father's role as Captain of his new boat, the L'Ombrage. This seems to be the beginning of an adventure. Lachlan, Luke and Jordan
Posted on: 18 May 2011

"Out of Shadows"
This historical thriller follows three boys and their families at a Zimbabwean boarding school at the end of the "Bush War" and at the beginning of the Mugabe regime. This book, so far, has been really good because of the gripping descriptions and the actual thoghts of white people in the 80's about coloured people. The main character is Robert who seems a character who is easily led. We want to read on to find out about his family and about his friend, Ivan but also to find out why he says right at the start that he betrayed his friend, Nelson. Charlie, Jonathan, Colin and Shane
Posted on: 18 May 2011

Our group have just started reading "Prisoner of the Inquisition" written by Carnegie Medal award winning Theresa Breslin. The novel is a historical, romantic adventure set during the time of the Spanish inquisition in 13th century Spain. It is a story full of suspense. The book is a dual narrative, told from the points of view of a young girl calles Zarita and a young boy called Saulo. Zarita is a young wealthy woman and Saulo is a poor, scrawny boy working as a peasant on a boat. Saulo's mother and father die at the start of the novel, around the same time as Zarita's mother and baby brother. Their two loves become mixed up together. The book is hard to put down. The description is extremely vivid and gives you a good understanding of the characters' emotions and dilemmas. The interesting lives of the two characters have us hooked making us want to read on to see how their lives change. Yhanna, Anthony and Sarah
Posted on: 18 May 2011

'White Crow' by Marcus Sedgwick
Our group is reading a book called ‘White Crow’ by Marcus Sedgwick. The genre of the book is modern gothic thriller. The book is set in an English Seaside village called Winterfold. The main characters are Rebecca who has moved to Winterfold from London and Ferelith an elfin looking school drop out. They have a strange friendship we like the dark twists to the story and the flash backs from past to future. We also like the fact that the village is fading away over the cliff and off into the sea. The descriptions were really gripping and it made you want to read on, it gave a shiver of an evil atmosphere when we read it, the book is also very vague on what is going on so you have to read on to find out! By Martha&Maelyn
Posted on: 13 May 2011

Pepper and Shadows
I have finished Pepper and absolutely LOVED it! Think that loads of the S2 will really like it. Have started Out of Shadows now - I was reluctant to read this one for some reason but 10 chapters in am gripped. Some of the characters are so scary and unpredictable. I have a feeling something awful is going to happen...a very good, very tense, start!
Posted on: 07 Apr 2011

Pepper makes me happy!
A very suprising turn of events.... Must keep reading to find out what Pepper does next!
Posted on: 05 Apr 2011

Shortlist announced...
Shortlist announced on Friday. A very excited Kat. A great selection of books this year - pleased to see a few historical novels! So far have read The Bride's Farewell and White Crow. Just started The Death Defying Pepper Roux. Wonder which books the S2 class will be most looking forward to reading when they come back from the Easter holidays. My guess is..... Monsters of Men?
Posted on: 04 Apr 2011