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Cirencester Kingshill School

For one reason or another we didn't get ourselves organised very well this year. It's only 2 weeks off the announcement of the winner!! Ms Gossler
Posted on: 11 Jun 2015

A New Start
So we have a new team of Shadowers getting stuck in to reading the 2014 shortlisted titles. Students and teachers have all been enjoying the chance to read something a little different to their normal choice. Hot favourite so far is Rooftoppers. Everyone that has read it says it was really good. Let's see what happens as the team work their way through some other titles.
Posted on: 01 May 2014

This week we had a go at some writing based on some of the shortlisted books. We tried to think about the style books were written in before having a go at writing our own stories. Below is just one example of writing as if we are 10 years old - just like Jamie from 'My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece'. We were staying in a hotel with my Auntie Ruby, my Mum, Dad and my two little brothers, George and Harvey. I was swimming in the pool when my Aunt called me over. She said she had something for me, so I walked over. She gave me an envelope and said it was an early birthday present. I opened it. It was a folded piece of paper saying 'open me'. I opened it. I didn't have a clue what it was. Then I opened the last flap, there was a ticket inside saying 'Britain's Got Talent Tour 2010. I screamed and burst into tears of happiness.
Posted on: 22 May 2012

sun comes out, shadowing starts
As we get closer to anouncing which book is the best, we are reading as many of the books as we can. So far we have read; My Sister Lives On The Mantelpeice, A Monster Calls, Trash, My Name is Mina, Between Shades of Gray and The Midnight Zoo. The Head of English at our school is about to read one of them. Today we did some extraordinary activitys from My Name Is Mina and drew alternatives front covers for the carnegie books!!!
Posted on: 15 May 2012

Extrordinary activities
Here is just one example of the pages of nonsense we wrote: My friend was once being silly, she squashed her dog into a pasty and chucked it in the oven. I like watching TV when it's all about sausages. Yum yum in my tum. At school I yawn and pretend to be a cat MEOW! I ride on banana boats and scream AHHHHH! Book, read, book, read, book, read, book, read. OK, I'm bored now. My mind is blank. Flabababawochatydoodaa. That's what my mind is thinking. Don't ask me what that means because I will just say sabbalokaboo. And I don't know what that means either. I have now run out of ideas so goodbye. Bobalky.
Posted on: 15 May 2012

Flying through...
After three weeks of the shadowing scheme we are flying through the shortlist! So far all the books read have gained positive reviews (keep your eyes peeled for more reviews appearing on the site soon!) with 'My Name is Mina' and 'my Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece' early favourites. We have had a go at some of Mina's extraordinary activities and had fun letting our imaginations run wild! The only problem we're going to have is deciding which one of these eight amazing books deserves to win!
Posted on: 11 May 2012

Getting Stuck In
Our small group are very exciting to get our hands on the shortlisted books! We can't wait to start reading, reviewing and exploring them. An early front runner is 'Between Shades of Gray'. we discussed how good the books looked and what the blurbs sounded like. We thought that 'between shades of gray' amnd 'my sister lives on the mantelpiece' looked the best as the front covers were really simple and they don't give to much away. Also they look intriguing as you don't know what it means so therefore you want to find out what they mean. our other group leader, Miss Travis, told us a little bit about 'my sister lives on the mantelpiece' and so we thought 'ahhhhhh' that is so sweet. I expect it will be quite sad as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: 24 Apr 2012