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Cheney School

Sputnik Inspired Creative Writing
Sputnik's chapters are all named after something important that happened during Prez's summer. After talking about the serious issues covered in this fun story we took a chapter title out of context and wrote a short story or poem with the same title - but no other relation to Sputnik.

Be Nice - by Cyanne Calmy

Be nice, be nice,

Don't stab the mice

Be nice, be nice

Don't roll that dice.

Be nice my son,

Don't kick the nun

So please be nice

My son.

The Sea Chest - by Sophia Gardiner

Long long ago in a far away land lived a group of friends; their names were Kara, Tyra and Samantha. They really liked adventuring. They lived in Hawaii so they could go scuba diving. Once they went further than before and they found a magical box with ancient writing and when they opened it, it had a magical gravy boat . So they rubbed it and a ghost of mashed potato appeared. He said "You have 4 wishes, what will it be?" Tyra said "1,000,000 teddy bears." Kara said "A whole new Chem-Lab." and Samantha said "To have the coolest clothes and accessories." There was one wish left... who would get it?

Chicken and Mushroom Pie - by Ellen Tranter

There was once a baby who did not have a name. Her parents just didn't know what to call her. Her birth had been very unexpected so they were stuck for ideas. Her birth certificate was waiting on the table - blank. It had been like that for four weeks so far. But one evening the Father had a stroke of genius and decided to name his daughter after his dinner... Chicken and Mushroom Pie!

Jailbreak! - by Mrs Lewis

I crawled up the chimney slowly; feet pushed hard against one wall, my shoulder blades digging into the bricks behind me.



I edged my way up, careful not to make any noise, trying not to dislodge any soot. At least no-one would try to light a fire in my cell, never that much comfort for a prisoner like me. The square of sunlight above me got bigger and bigger as I climbed higher and higher. Soon, soon, I would be free!

Then a voice below me.

I froze.

"Daniel, darling! It's dinnertime"

Bother my mother; she has the worst timing.

Posted on: 07 Jun 2017

More than 10 reasons to save Earth
1. Mint Choc Chip Ice-Cream 2. Fiction 3. Giggling 4. The endless source of amusement that is people saying ridiculous things 5. White boards 6. Seasons 7. The way the sea smells 8. Drum rolls 9. Friends 10. Emotions

Ten more reasons

1. Human beings 2. Chocolate 3. Animals 4. Technology 5. Nature 6. Books 7. Hobbies 8. Sports 9. Family 10. Love/Feelings
Posted on: 07 Jun 2017

Betty Glengarry's backstory
Betty glanced up at her father's retreating back as he walked out the front door. She didn't know when she would see him again and, as a single tear rolled down her cheek, she resolved that she did not care. Where he was headed, whatever adventure he was headed for, it did not involve her or her mother.
Posted on: 26 May 2017

Wolf Hollow
A realistic story full of drama set in WWII. Annabelle lives a happy life with her mother, father and two brothers... until Betty Glengarry, a new girl, arrives at her school. This story is not for the fainthearted and be prepared for a few gruesome scenes! Nevertheless Wolf Hollow is a great book and I would recommend this book. (***out of 5)
Posted on: 26 May 2017

Wolf Hollow Review
Annabel is a modest girl. Toby is a mysterious and kind man. Betty is a misunderstood girl. Ruth has an unfortunate accident; one of the many accidents to happen at Wolf Hollow.

I think Toby is honourable, quiet and big. Nearly everyone is afraid of him apart from Annabel. Betty feels threatened by Toby and sets out to ruin his reputation. At the end there is a very dramatic twist! The only thing I wish that could have happened was that Annabel could have seen her friend again.

Posted on: 26 May 2017

Railhead inspired us...

We loved the idea of the K-bahn system where sentient trains can travel between planets through some kind of hyperspace; so we had a go at creating our own unique methods of space travel:

A literal space ship - with sails and everything! Petra

Massive birds that have evolved to live in space and you can ride them between planets. Cyanne

Rainbows you can use as stairs. James

A chair that sinks into the planet you're on or lifts you across space to another one. Heidi

A piece of paper that you can write down where you want to go and it will take you there. Cyanne

A bungy cord that can pull you between planets (you'd need a clip on harness when you got to the other end so that you didn't just spring back). Joseph

A special pen that has a lot of buttons you can press; and there is a voice which will ask you where you want to go. Natalya

We also talked about dystopias and how a sci-fi novel can do what a more realistic one can't; such as warn us of problems our society may be facing. Potential future problems we spotted in Railhead: AI computers having too much power, the poverty/wealth divide and powerful puppet leaders of governments. Inspired by the motorik Flex we graffiti-ed trains to show their personality. And then played a Railhead style Madlib to finish:

There once was a motorik named Alexander who lived on the planet Cleave and absolutely loved eating. At first no-one realised it was not human but when they found out they were sleepily sad. The motorik had to hide in a chocolate table until it was safe again. Disguised as a box they escaped by space bird to Prentiss town where they were goldenly pooing.

Posted on: 24 May 2017

'Rail Head' By James Brooks
Rail head is about trust, friends and trains. race against time to stop raven from time traveling and living forever. It is a great book and I recommend for all.
Posted on: 23 May 2017

The Bone Sparrow
It is an amazing book by Zana because it shows the sad but amazing life of people in a refugee camp.
Posted on: 23 May 2017

The Lie Tree
Where shall i begin? ‘The lie tree’ is an exotic and overpowering story, i never once took my eyes off the book and now i have to say i still cannot forget the novel even though i’ve only read it once. I especially loved the way the author explained the characters in the novel. My favourite characters would have to be Faith and her little brother, their bond was heart-breaking. Faith is only fourteen and the events that took place must have been intimidating seeing as she lost her beloved father. Overall i would rate it 5/5 because of the amazing adventures and the stirring conspiracy.-- Group 2 readers
Posted on: 15 Jun 2016

'The Ghosts of Heaven' by Marcus Sedgwick
'The Ghosts of Heaven' is a literary obfuscation; sort of like an obscure wine that requires an acquired taste for enjoyment. It consists of four separate stories, with interesting incorporations of a certain shape's meaning throughout. The pieces intertwine and overlap every so often - but not to the point where the theme becomes overbearing. Generally, the favourite in the group was the third section. We'd rather not say why exactly this is so (for fear of an anti-spoiler squad barrage); though, we will say this: it was strange. Perturbing. Somewhat disturbing. Akin to a dream that contorts into a nightmare somewhere along the line... We'll leave it to the next groups to decipher. All in all, we believe that Sedgwick managed to create a haunting tale that delivers a variety of messages. Whether it be about oppression, religion, a helix, or other, he does not cease to surprise with a distinctive voice for each character. However, we do warn - not everyone will delight in this book. Similar to cheese, those cultured in the field are more likely to appreciate the art. - Group 1 Readers
Posted on: 22 Apr 2016

Writing inspired by Wed Wabbit
At today's book group we took inspiration from Midge's challenge to escape the Land of the Wimbley Woos. Thinking of different games we like to play, we imagined what it might be like for a character to be trapped in them. Here are a couple of short extracts. Can you guess what the games are? "Another siren seared the silence and they leaped forward joining the letters together, all with greed in their hearts except one. She hid it carefully; if the creators found out....she would lose." "In one second her pockets are empty and she's behind bars."
Posted on: 19 May 2010