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Springfield School

The Bride's Hello!
With a good plot, lots of exciting twists and turns, and a good cast of characters Meg Rosoff has created a modern love story, set back in time. I really enjoyed reading about the Gypsy family, and finding out Bean was one of them was a major revalation. Pell was a very interesting character, who really developed throughout the story, and I'm glad she eventually found her place, with Dogman, though I wish he had a name. If I had to name a problem with this book, I would say that it ended too quickly, and I really wanted to read more, and find out how Pell and Dogman's relationship spanned out.
Posted on: 17 Jun 2011

White crow or Black crow, does it really matter?
This book was fairly good although the last 100 pages were very confusing. Also, I didn't understand the metaphor tying in the white crow with resurrection. Apart from that, the book was extremely well written in a style that we enjoy. It was spectacular!
Posted on: 08 Jun 2011

Monsters of Men or Killer of Men?
Horrific! The beginning of this book is so boring that to entertain myself, I had to change the names of people and places. The beginning of this book was very slow although, as we got further into the story, it got considerably better. Many of the parts were quite tense and it used a wide range of vocabulary and created vivid scenes with its descriptions. By Sophie, Dave and Sachin.
Posted on: 25 May 2011

Death-Defying? Sleep Causing more like!
When I read previous reviews of The Death-Defying Pepper Roux, I thought it was going to be an exciting book, full of adventure for boys and girls that you could easily get into. The author, a writer of many successful books, such as Peter Pan in Scarlet, is a favourite of mine, and I enjoy her work. I was really let down by this piece. I thought it was going to have a brillant plot and an array of lovable characters, and I didn't find them. The plot idea was good, and defiantly not cliqued. I, have to say, was dissapointed. Hannah
Posted on: 25 May 2011

Posted on: 12 May 2009