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holiday reading!
I read three of the shortlisted novels over the arewell is my favourite so far. Rosoff tells the story really well - short chunks, about the different people in the story - it all comes together in the end, but not in a cheesy way! I didn't like the one about Zimbabwe - it was very harsh, and I thought it would be hard for many teens to read - boys at a boarding school are a bit dated now, too? I would rather read something about Zimbabw from the African perspective now.. I din't go much for White Crow either - a pity, bacause I loved Sedgwick's Revolver, which got on the short list last year - White Crow seemed a bit transparent, obvious - and I didn't care for either of the main girl characters. The Gothic aspect has been better done by lots of other writers. let me know what your ideas are! ms p
Posted on: 26 Apr 2011