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Cosmic- Awais
I enjoyed Comic becuase it has a child who looks like a grown up. The boy Liam Digby acts liek a dad and gets chosen to go on a trip on a rocket to space. I particularly enjoyed the little stars group! Awesome!
Posted on: 22 Jun 2009

Cosmin Review- Nabeela Zaman
Cosmic is a book by Frank Cottrel Boyce and was dedicated to Franks Parents. But if you read the last paragraph in the book (page 306-307) you might think the books really dedicated to fathers because thats how it seems. I enjoyed reading Cosmic, mianly because it is related to 'real life' things- like Pirates of the Carribean, Tom Hansk, Itchy and Scratch and teenage behaviour. Most of this book reminded me of Charlie and the Choclate factory- but thats just my opinion! This book has taught me a few things about different types of people. Some parts are hard- vocabulary I didn't understand- but that ok! I think everybody should read this book and see what it is like!
Posted on: 22 Jun 2009