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Grindon Hall Christian School

Progress so far 2018
Our readers are busy working their way through this year's shortlist. Favourites at this point are Where the World Ends and The Hate U Give.
Posted on: 26 Apr 2018

2018 Book Arrival
There was much excitement last week with the arrival of the 2018 shortlisted books. Our 'Judge a Book by its Cover' vote ended in a tie with Release by Patrick Ness and Saint Death by Marcus Sedgewick emerging as winners. Saint Death is also proving popular in the early stages of reading with the group describing it as 'tense' and 'gripping'.
Posted on: 22 Mar 2018

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
This trilogy despite not being Carnegie has moved me greatly and changed my view of the world . Set in Victorian London these three books have captured my imagination and most of all made me feel something . So beautifully written I feel like I have been with these memorable characters throughout their journey to save Nephilm from the evil Magister . I highly recommend these books for older readers . Also they are prequels to the authors other bestselling series The Mortal Instruments . Blogger : Olivia Shaw
Posted on: 14 Apr 2017

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys
Salt to the Sea is a story of love , courage, cunning and most of all survival during a time were nowhere or no-one is safe . The novel is set during the Second World War and portrayed by four iconic voices from the heart of Europe . This book gives a grim insight into the people's war that often goes unnoticed . Blogger : Oliva Shaw
Posted on: 10 Apr 2017

The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon
This is story of love but most of all of hope. Shubji lives in a detention centre. Not knowing any other, he does not question it until he meets Jimmie a impatient girl from the outside then everything becomes questionable. Blogger : Olivia Shaw
Posted on: 01 Apr 2017

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk
This book is a story of courage, folklore, cunning and love . Following a catastrophic incident all eyes are drawen to gentle loner Toby, who Annabelle (the main character )knows is innocent. Something about Bettys accusations just don't add up. Can Annabelle save Toby before it's too late ? Blogger : Olivia Shaw
Posted on: 01 Apr 2017

Wolf Holow by Lauren Wolk
I think this is a good book , narrated by main character Annabelle , who is very brave . This is a mystery story and very exciting in the middle of the story . Despite a sad ending I really liked this book . Blogger : Chloe Fraser
Posted on: 01 Apr 2017

The Stars at Oktober Bend by Glenda Millard
This is the first of the Carnegie books I have read so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed it . Some may say this is a love story, which it is but to me it is a family's story. The story of how they re-joined humanity for better or for worse ..... Blogger : Olivia Shaw
Posted on: 01 Apr 2017

The Carnegie Shortlist
Today we are really excited for the short list to be announced . We have already ordered two packs of these amazing feats of literature . Remember fellow bibliophiles there are only four days to go before we receive these amazing books.
Posted on: 13 Mar 2017

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Its the first book of the Shadowhunter series . City of Bones is a book of "what if's ". What if this is not a figment of someone else' s imagination but reality . But for Clary it is now reality -werewolves in Manhattan and vampires in Brooklyn are not just stories but reality . This she finds out from the slayers of rogue demons - the Shadowhunters. "ALL STORIES ARE TRUE" Blogger:Olivia Shaw
Posted on: 07 Mar 2017

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
This book is the first of a trilogy and it has recently been made into a movie. The protagonist, Jacob, suffer's a terrible tragedy that ends up taking him to a remote island. There he meets an assortment of friends and monsters that he will never forget. I would rate this book five stars because it captures reality whilst also adding a magical element. Great for fans of Harry Potter or Shadowhunters. Blogger: Ella Gale
Posted on: 06 Mar 2017

One by Sarah Crossan
One is a story about conjoined twins, Tippi and Grace, whose lives are spent being stared at by strangers and prodded at by doctors . This all changes when they can no longer be home-schooled due to funding drying up . At school they meet Yasmeen "...our pink-haired protector..." and Jon who Grace immediately falls for . But most of all, they are thankful for the fact that they see them as two different people . Despite having different personalities the twins'r closeness is obvious along with their bond with younger sister Nicole or "dragon". This book gave me a new insight on the fact no matter how similar you can look to a person you are you not them . Blogger :Olivia Shaw
Posted on: 03 Mar 2017

An extract of our own mystery genre!
As the man lay dying from his wound, he grabbed a hold of my sleeve and insistently whispered, “The eagle… The eagle…” Gradually, I saw the light in his eyes slowly fade; at that point I realised what had happened. He was no longer alive. I glanced around the room to see what he had been talking about. If there had ever been an eagle in the vicinity, it was long gone… I had no idea what the man had been talking about but I did known one thing: I was determined to find out. Extract by Matthew Elves
Posted on: 05 Dec 2013

So, after reading Kathryn Erskine's 'Mockingbird', I have got to say it is not the best book I have read. I admired the moral of the book and the meaning, but as a whole it is not among my favourites. For a start, it was really hard to understand the main character's, Caitlin's, feelings. Since the book was written from her point of view and the fact that she had Asperger's Syndrome, she could barely understand her own emotions. However, it is a very inspirational story about how she gets over the death of the one person who understood her - Devon, her brother. I would highly recommend it for someone looking for closure but at times, the book did lose my interest and it did take a while to become absorbed at the start. Blogger: Brooke Clark
Posted on: 14 Nov 2013

'Drawing a Veil'
'Drawing a Veil' by Lari Don isn't the longest of books, but it is a brilliant one. It's about a young Muslim girl called Amina, who starts wearing a hijab; her best friend Ellie is shocked because Amina didn't tell her about her religion. Ellie starts asking herself tough questions... While Amina is standing up for what she believes in, some people are trying to bring her down; they begin to call her a terrorist and say she has bombs hidden in her clothing. In conclusion, I think it is an inspirational story and shows people should stand up for what they believe in and not let people bring you down. Blogger: Harriet O'Brien
Posted on: 14 Nov 2013