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Morpeth School - Group 2
Bethnal Green, London

Creature of The Night
So I finished Creature of the Night [finally...] and here's what I thought of it.. :(:(:(:((N)=[(N) Okay so I didn't like it. I was right about what I said earlier, the book really doesn't have any kind of plot. Even at the end of the book, I mean I only just understood it, and I know that some people would read the book, get to the end and not understand what the whole point of the book was. And it's not their fault. It was like, the whole time I was reading it, I was waiting for some thing to happen or some sort of explanation. The front cover of the book and everything looks so good and kind-of scary, so I was on-the-egde almost the whole time, and then I get to the end and I feel- Nothing. I give it 2/5 because at least it didn't make me give-up on reading it completely. Nawal x
Posted on: 08 Jun 2009

Book Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
Imagine a single town in the whole world. You’d think it to be silent and peaceful. Well you’re wrong. The New World is a place where everybody’s thoughts can be heard. Noise. And Prentiss town is the only town in the world But 30 days before it is Todd’s 13th birthday which will finally make him a man, he stumbles upon…nothing. Silence. It’s impossible…but is it really? And so Todd is plunged in to a quest to find the truth, with Hope the only thing that can keep him going… This book was fantastic. The whole idea about the Noise is brilliant. The way Todd is described when he’s surrounded by Noise is really detailed, and Ness explains every single detail there is. The way the sentences are stretched out and really long and exciting and the way ‘and’ is used over and over again makes the book fast-paced and hard to put down. I’d rate this book 12+, because it can be hard to understand and confusing. Anybody who has the patience should read it! :D Nawal x
Posted on: 11 May 2009

Book Title: The Stuff Of Nightmares Author: Malorie Blackman 14 year-old Kyle is a boy with a troubled past and family life, and still trying to get over it. The book starts on a train-carriage, but ends at a bittersweet realization of truth. On this train, Kyle gains the ability to jump in to his unconscious friends' minds, and in turn, he lives through each nightmare of theirs. He's not the only one who has nightmares. And as Death stalks the trainwreck, Kyle needs to hide. He can't face his worst nightmare. But neither can he Death...But he can't hide forever... This book was amazing! Gripping, intense a total page-turner. It was really relevant and it made me feel as if I was actually living through each nightmare. I'd reccomend it to slightly older readers, who want to be thrilled and on-the-edge at all times.. So what IS Kyle's worst nightmare, anyway? And does he face it, or come face-to-face with Death? Ha...You'll just have to read it to find out! :D Nawal x Group 2 Morpeth
Posted on: 14 Apr 2009