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More news!
Hello Everyone, Its Jordan here once again! We've now had 5 meetings and we have done everything from making Celtic Round-houses to planning a route to a place with our names in, I went to Jordanston in Wales! It's easier than it sounds because it's right on the mainline! My new favourite book is The Knife of Never Letting Go, it blows Airman right out of the top! Have a look at my review of it on our group homepage. My NEW Personal Barometers: Carnegie. 1. Knife of Never Letting Go 2. Airman 3. Bog Child 4. Cosmic 5. Ostrich Boys To Read: Creature of the Night (already halfway through!), Black Rabbit Summer. Greenaway. 1. Little Boat 2. The Way Back Home 3. Varmints 4. Molly and the Night Monster 5. Harris Finds his Feet I can't get copies of the other Greenaway shortlist books yet. By the way do you like our new group photo? I'm in it holding the Rocky Readers poster. Bye, Jordan
Posted on: 24 Jun 2009

Hello everyone, my name is Jordan and I'm 11, I've written 5 reviews so far (see our group homepage). I've been really enjoying Shadowing the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards. Here is a list of my favourite Carnegie books so far: 1. Airman (not great characters but a good old yarn!) 2. Bog Child (gripping and realistic, gives Airman a run for its money.) 3. Cosmic (funny light read, great fun but not exciting enough.) To Read: Knife of Never Letting Go (I'm halfway through!), Creature of the Night, Black Rabbit Summer. Goodbye for now guys!
Posted on: 03 Jun 2009

Welcome to the Rocky Readers Blog!
This is where you will find up-to-date information, and where we can talk about our favourite books. We are a group of around 10 readers and our ages vary from 4-12. We are all home-educated and having a great time Shadowing the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards 2009. We have had two meetings so far, one on the 11/05/09 where we discussed 'Cosmic' and 'The Way Back Home' and another on the 22/05/09 when we talked about 'Airman' and 'How to Heal a Broken Wing.' We have drawn space pictures, made feathery chicks and flown paper aeroplanes. We are waiting to get a photograph of us put up online. Here is a list of our forthcoming meetings: 01/06/09 - Reading 'Bog Child' & 'Little Boat' 12/06/09 - Reading 'Ostrich Boys' & 'Molly and the Night Monster' 19/06/09 - Reading the last few books. 25/06/09 - Voting for our favourite books/the BIG results!
Posted on: 27 May 2009