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The Clere School
Newbury, Berkshire

All Finshed!
Today at lunch we watched the award live stream with a few members of the Kate Greenaway Book Club. We all still have one or two books to read, so maybe a few reviews are still to come. We all agree that doing this Carnegie award has been very fun and we would like to say a massive thank you to our lovely librarian Mrs Klepfer
Posted on: 23 Jun 2014

4 days to go!!!
In 4 days we will finally find out which book has won the award. We are all very excited to find out who has won and we all have very diffrent ideas on who should win. Chloe thinks rooftoppers because of the story line. Cerys thinks Blood Family because of the depth of the story line and how interesting the book was.
Posted on: 19 Jun 2014

Books still left to go...
We need to have read all of the 8 carnegie award books by monday ready for cake, the big debate and the final results. We have been reading the books quite quickly with many of us reading just less than a book a week, but some of us need to get reading faster than others. Cerys still has three books to go, All the truth thats in me, Liar and Spy and Ghost hawk. "i am looking forward to reading liar and spy becuase it looks like an easy read and after reading the bunker diary which was quite hard to trake in i think it will be a refreshing change. But im not looking forward to Ghost hawk becasue i think it looksquite boring and dull. It dosent seem like a book of my genre (action and horror)" Lizzy still has 2 to go, the wall which she has just started and ghost hawk. She is most looking forward to ghost hawk. How many books do you have left to go???
Posted on: 19 Jun 2014

Catch Up - Cerys
Hello, we are looking forward to catching up on our books in time for monday, for the final results from the award. We are hoping to bring in a range of cakes and biscuits and leave lessons early to look at the results as soon as they come out. We will have a big debate on books we liked and disliked aswell as seeing wether our first impressions on the books cover were right or wrong - it will be interesting to see what people think. At the begining of the award we all wrote down the book we think would be the best and the worst so we will find out who was right and who was wrong.
Posted on: 19 Jun 2014

Chloe :3
I'm meant to be reading 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' but I'm only six pages in beacuse I'm busy reading the carnegie books. Rooftoppers is still my favourite due to the others not being as cute and sweet. I'm really not looking forward to 'The Elephant's Child' as the storyline is not my kind of book. I persuaded James to read 'Rooftopper' but he said he hates it as it's too lovey dovey. I think he'll like the ending though!!
Posted on: 12 Jun 2014

Yet another English lesson
Ment to be reading To Kill A Mocking-Bird for my English lesson but I have to finish Blood Family and the Bunker Diarys. Then thought you guys needed to hear about it. Battling my way on a keyboard that was ment for some one with anger issues, getting angry myself. We had a meeting yesterday, eating our way through a strawberries and digestives...yum!!! We talked about our books which ones we need to read next. I had just finished All The Truth That Is In Me. I loved it but one of my friends didn't understand it.
Posted on: 05 Jun 2014

English Lesson
Hi Guys, I'm in my english lesson, typing away... some people in our lesson have been sneekily eating a chocolate bar right under our teachers noes!!! I'm half way through the Child's Elephant, liking it so far but its a bit slow. Bord, I desided to edit some of our page. I'm liking the paint splatters very much!
Posted on: 22 May 2014

Quick Catch Up - Chloe and Cerys
Chloe and Cerys here, updating you from the libary. Cerys has already read Blood family and the Elephants child and is currently reading the Bunker Diarys. " so far i think that Blood Family has been the best because i couldnt put the book down, something was happening all the time. The Childs Elephant was good but it wasant the best, but i think that is mainly down to my preference of book genre. The Bunker Diary has been great so far, i am only 50 pages in but i like it and think it could be a close rival for blood family" Chloe has read 'Blood Family', 'RoofToppers' and 'Liar & Spy'. "So far 'RoofToppers' has been the best book, mainly because I could connect with it, and enjoy that genre. 'Blood Family' had an ending I wasn't expecting but enjoyed the same anyway. 'Liar & Spy' was good but I didnt enjoy it too much. I think 'Rooftoppers' will stay my favourite because I found it cute." Miss Klepfer is away in Disneyland (Paris) with the year 7's but will be back after half term. Until then, we're in charge >.> <.<
Posted on: 22 May 2014

1 month in...
we have now had four meetings, one month in, and most of us have finsihed our first bookand well into our second. Megan found the bunker diaries very interesting, she read it twice! Beth is reading The Walll very interesting and inspiring. Both Lizzy and Megan have both read Liar and Spy and found it fascinating and exhilrating!
Posted on: 19 May 2014

Judging A Book By It's Cover
We are looking at eight of the shortlisted books for the Carnegie Awards 2014, each of us have a different book to read over then next few weeks. Megan had finished reading The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks and she enjoyed so much that she is re-reading it. With the girls the most popular book seemed to be Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell, as they put it down as the best book jacket. With the boys the most popular book seemed to be The Wall by William Sutcliffe because of the intriguing and enticing book jacket. No-one liked the look of The Child's Elephant byRachel Campbell-Johnston because they didn't like the subject of the book and they found the cover didn;t make you want to read it; it was quite un-exciting.
Posted on: 01 May 2014