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The votes are in!
We've really enjoyed looking at the remaining five books in Year Four. We really enjoyed Goth Girl and created our own black and white chalk drawings based on the powerful artwork in Tinder. We had fun designing our own fragrances based on the Smelly Louie book. In ICT we created our own powerpoint versions of the Rules of Summer story, using just the images although we didn't know what order they came in. Finally we looked at Shackleton's Journey and after watching films with the author and illustrator, wrote diary entries based on how the explorers were feeling isolated, miles from civilisation. We've really enjoyed the shadowing process. Both classes voted for their favourite book and while there wasn't an obvious winner, Mrs Blackwall's class chose Goth Girl. We look forward to Monday 23rd when we find out who's won.
Posted on: 14 Jun 2015

The first three books!
This week we've started by looking at the front covers of the eight books that are on this year's shortlist. Without looking inside the books, we tried to decide what each of them were about and wrote our own blurbs for each of them. After that we each chose a black and white image from one of the books and added colour. We used lots of different materials and it was fun trying to decide how the illustrators would have added colour to theirs. The rest of the week we've had fun looking at three of the books so far. We started with freeze frames of The Promise and then created drama interpretations based on different scenes from Jim's Lion. Finally we had a go at creating our own comics in a similar, black and white style to Dark Satanic Mills. We can't wait until next week's books and voting on our favourite at the end of the week.
Posted on: 05 Jun 2015

Our own Paper Dolls (and Tortoises!)
We've had fun making our own Paper Dolls and Tortoises and taking them on adventures around the school. Some have been to the music room, others to the garden and some have even been blowing out of a window. We've created our own story books on the iPads which has been great fun.
Posted on: 10 Jun 2014

The Day the Pencil Case Quit!
Today we've used one of Mrs Swanick's fabulous ideas and have written letters imagining we're something from Mrs Blackwall's pencil case. This is based on The Day the Crayons Quit where all the crayons write letters to Duncan, mostly complaining about how they're treated. We've had a really fun lesson - come and read our letters!
Posted on: 05 Jun 2014

The books have arrived!
The books are in school and one set has been smuggled out to think of some activities for each of them and to try out on Mrs Blackwall's four year old. The first two books have been read at bedtime (but I'm not telling you which or it might influence what you think about them!) which P said about both that she really likes them "it's my favourite" and she'd like to read each of them every day. Four more to read and then we'll see which really is her favourite.
Posted on: 24 Mar 2014