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More than this
WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS, THEY ARE WARNED BUT BE CAREFUL. So we've already done a post on this but ah well. So I thought it was gonna be excellent as there's always that question of what comes after death and I thought it would either answer that question or give me some idea of what's after death. Uh this might be a spoiler when I say that it completely didn't really answer that.(NEXT PART IS ALL SPOILER) Instead it told me what after 'death' is like for certain people. So I was disappointed. However, I found the ending worse, I could maybe cope with this reality where they didn't die but the reality where the main character went back to 'real life' is a kind of bad moral when it basically says that you can go back if you kill yourself, once you're dead you're dead and there is no changing your mind and I think that's an important thing to remember. (SPOILER OVER I'M REALLY SORRY I HAD TO TALK ABOUT IT) Overall, I was kind of disappointed but it's worth a read. WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS (WARNED) SPOILERS I'M SORRY ABOUT THEM BUT I HAD TO VENT BE CAREFUL WHEN PROCEEDING
Posted on: 01 Jun 2015

More Than This
So I know what your thinking just another book about someone dying and coming back! Why would I want to read that when the story line is always the same? Well I'm not going to tell you as that's spoiling the ending but I will tell you that this book is amazing! It is full of excitement, mystery and some very confusing things. This book is about a boy named Seth and he has died and has ended up in his childhood home in England. He is all alone, confused and very, very thirsty. this book is well worth the read and is not a disappointment. BY ISABELLE COURTIER 8B
Posted on: 27 Apr 2015

Blood Family, is an exciting yet sad story that really can move you. This story is an amazing book which really digs into emotions and can really bring a tear to the eye. Blood Family is about a young boy Eddie and his poor Mother who have been abused by a horrible man who is an alcoholic and has trouble showing his kind side. Whilst this is all going on an anxious neighbour calls the social services who comes to take them away. If you want to know what happens to Eddie and his poor Mother read Blood Family and you will not be disappointed.
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Boy and a bear in a boat & maggot moon
Firstly, a boy and a bear in a boat was quite boring because the author was trying to make a boring boat journey fun, which didn't work. I also really hate books with characters lost in big open places and when it doesn't end properly!!! GRRRR! I heard that maggot moon won which I'm kinda surprised because many people said it wasn't great but I haven't read it so I wouldn't really know :) BYE!!! Lv lousie
Posted on: 20 Jun 2013

This is totally unexpected. I thought Wonder would win because it's nice and sentimental and everyone quite likes it and it has a happy ending. My favourite was Code Name Verity. I liked Maggot Moon, but I didn't love it, until the end, which I thought was really bad. I am really surprised that it won. And, by the way, I also finished all 8 books, LIKE MARIELLE! Eleanor x
Posted on: 20 Jun 2013

My Leaving Comment
I've had a lovely time but....... well the books weren't brilliant were they? To be honest, i think we would all agree that none of them were amazing, and a few were pretty dire...... Meh ;)
Posted on: 19 Jun 2013

Well maggot moon won!!!!! I was the only person that liked it, i said it would!!!! Gotta say i thought wonder would win! Had a lush time at carneige, luv u guys! :) jazzzzzzz x
Posted on: 19 Jun 2013

The winner
OMG Maggot moon won. SOoO surprised. didn't expect it! C Eleanor I do have life. You finished all 8 books LIKE ME!!!!
Posted on: 19 Jun 2013

If you don't know already... The winner is... da da DAAAA... Maggot Moon! So Jasmine did know what she was talking about after all! :-) I have to say, I'm a little surprised after finishing 'Wonder' at the weekend - truly brilliant. Thanks again to everyone for taking part. Mrs P xx P.S. Marielle - amazing that you read all 8 - high five!!
Posted on: 19 Jun 2013

A greyhound of a girl!
hi all, just finished greyhound of a girl. I found it ok. it had a good story line. It wasn't exciting at all- there was no adventure at all. by the way I HAVE FINISHED ALL 8 BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG see you on Wednesday Marielle :-)
Posted on: 12 Jun 2013

A Greyhound of a girl
I found this book ok, it wasn't anything special and it was quite an easy read. I could guess halfway through what was going to happen at the end which was annoying and nothing exciting or dramatic happened except for a ghost. NOT the best book, Lv Louise
Posted on: 09 Jun 2013

Chocolate when reading is the way forward :-). Mrs P x
Posted on: 05 Jun 2013

Hiya all!!! Hope you had a lovely half term and are not too depressed about the hell which is exam week :-). I read 'Code Name Verity' over half term (which I was really looking forward to) and was really disappointed :-(. Although I admired the author's decision to show how WW2 impacted on women and their role in the conflict, I thought that the characters (with their very modern names and expressions) did not ring true. I love war literature but found this very unconvincing. Did anyone else read this over teh holidays? Let me know what you think. Mrs P x
Posted on: 05 Jun 2013

Reply to Estelle's rant
#ChocolateIsGood (As from twitter i think) Don't worry! I 'sometimes' eat chocolate (if I can get it) and I think I did tick that box for you! Also there are 6 chocolate lovers now which you will be pleased about as am I xD ;)!!! #Peaceful rant over# Lv Louise
Posted on: 24 May 2013

In Darkness
This book is really just dragging me along and I am nearly half way through! I like the parts describing actual scenes but the rest doesn't interest me much because it pushes new people in, who do different things to do with vudo, and I don't understand; it confuzzles my brain! I hope you are having more luck as I might just have to put this book down...Lv Louise
Posted on: 24 May 2013

Hiya all!! I've been trying to submit our photos and vids for a couple of days with no success - sorry! Will try again when we're back from the French trip. Great to see how much you've reading in the last week with some strong opinions emerging. Y7 - Hope you've got a book to bring for the loooonnnnggggg coach journey's over the next couple of days. I've just finished packing and looking forward to reading 'Code Name Verity' over half term. Happy half term and happy reading!! Mrs P x
Posted on: 22 May 2013

In Darkness
Hi guys I've just started in darkness and i'm a bit torn to whether i like it or not. I know it has some quite bad language in it and its not that that I find a problem. Its not the fact that the speech is written with like bullet points- I actually quite like that! I think that its just not my type of book! I mean, don't get me wrong, i think its a really great book but i'm not quite sure if its for me? Still, it might grow on me. Speak soon, Beth xxxxx
Posted on: 22 May 2013

Finished Midwinterblood
Okay well I thought the book on the whole was really fascinating and I enjoyed the relationships between Merle and Eric. I know people have disliked the ending so far.. Well I thought it was rushed and I didn't really like it- I could probably write a better ending but I didn't think it was terrible. I felt like I still needed to know something but I wasn't quite sure? I think for me, someone who doesn't usually read books like this, it was really good and would have been the best book if the ending didn't let it down. It has encouraged me to read more novels like this and would still recommend it. Beth ;) xxx
Posted on: 21 May 2013

I would just like to express my disbelief that on the new poll (I don't know who made it but whoever did, great job!! *internet high five*) only THREE people have said that they eat chocolate whilst reading!!! And four people have said that they don't eat anything?!?! ERMAGERD who doesn't eat chocolate when they're reading?????? (and who doesn't eat anything? I love food!! Especially when I'm reading!!) !!!!!!! -rant over- Estelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted on: 20 May 2013

Wonder :D
I read Wonder and thought it was the best book so far! (Though I have only read 3, but, go with the flow) It was an interesting and refreshing read and although the plot was fairly cliche I enjoyed how in depth the character building and descriptions were; the different POVs were especially good, as you got a detailed insight as to how the characters saw and felt about one another. I could connect with all the characters which is always good and I appreciated the clever writing techniques and the plot, so overall I would rate it 7/10. It wasn't a WOW!! book but I would definitely recommend it to all the readers out there!! Estelle xxxx :P
Posted on: 20 May 2013

Weight Of Water
I thought this book had a real insight of what immigrants feel when they come into this country and don't feel accepted. Crossan really got the feelings across; it was complete poetry but I don't feel the ending gave it enough justice because it just stopped without explanation. Lv Louise
Posted on: 19 May 2013

Posted on: 18 May 2013

The weight of water
I actually quite enjoyed this book, although it wasn't really my type of book it was still quite exciting! I think the way it was written grew on me but made the book really short and I read it really quickly. Still, I would recommend it as it is a good book. Beth xxx
Posted on: 18 May 2013

I'm about 3/4 of the way through Midwinterblood at the moment and I really like it! I think its really clever how Merle and Eric have different relationships in all the different parts. I really like the way it is written and I don't find it too confusing or too boring. I'm not sure that I'm going to like what happens in the end because I know you guys didn't really like the ending and that not everything is explained. But we can only wait and see! I'll tell you guys if I like it when I've finished! Beth xxx
Posted on: 18 May 2013

The Weight of Water...a book that doesn't quite float my boat...
I'm in mixed feelings about this book...I thought the issues covered in it were realistic and easy to relate to (e.g bullying, immigration etc) I thought the poem style was interesting. However, I found the book far too short (I read it in an hour). I thought there was not much character development and some decisions and events were too quick and not explained in enough depth. So a 5.5/10 for me. Khadija xxx
Posted on: 17 May 2013

Midwinterblood? Or Midwinterbore?
No, just kidding, I don't think boring is a good word for this book. I was a bit apprehensive about this book seeing as fantasy romance *cough* Twilight *cough* really isn't my thing. However, I thought that actually this book was good. I liked how every individual story was a good one, and you had the subtle link between each one - I thought that was very clever. I also like how the two main characters had different relationships in each one - they weren't always lovers. However, I felt that the ending didn't really wrap up the story very well and the characters were too underdeveloped for me to give it a higher rating. So a 7.5/10 for me. Khadija xxx
Posted on: 16 May 2013

Moi reviews.... I hope I don't ramble...
So far I have read four books and am on my fifth. I've read Code Name Verity, Midwinterblood, Maggot Moon and The Weight of Water. Code Name Verity for me was mostly good. I thought the main character describing her story through the third person gave it an interesting twist. Some of the historical facts were interesting, although I did find that sometimes that they were excessive and took away from the plot. I liked how we were deceived in the first part to think the main character was doing one thing when in the second part (when the book switches perspective) we find out it was something completely different. I think the character's were well developed. However, the thing that stops me from loving this book is just the sheer length of it. Don't get me wrong, I love a huge book, but only if it's huge because of a long plot. I feel like a quarter of the book could have been cut out with no consequence, and it did take forever to get into. But if historical fiction is your genre, then this book is heaven for you. I'd give it a 8.5/10 Hasta manana! Khadija xxx
Posted on: 16 May 2013

The Boy in the Bear in the Boat
I can't count the amount of times I have told students that you can't call something "BORING" - but it would be appropriate here! I fully expected the writing style and plot to be simplistic (do the organisers know they have put this in the teenage section!?) but I was optimistically hoping that there would be some interesting writing, characters or plot elements. I was sadly VERY disappointed! Most exciting moment? They found (and perhaps ate?) a mouldy sandwich. Yes, this really was the best bit! Many questions were left answered: Who is the bear? Why is he talking? Why has he kidnapped a small boy? Where is the boy from? (Surely his parents have phoned the police by now!?) Of all the tedious time the boy and the bear spent on the boat, why did they fail to do anything of even remote interest? Worryingly, the ending seems to be leaving things open for a sequel... Oh dear! Mrs P x
Posted on: 15 May 2013

Weight of Water
I LOVE THIS BOOK and I was more impressed with it than anyone else who has read it (I think!?) I liked how the setting was real world (a girl coming to England from Poland, encountering prejudice, bullying and a difficult family sitauation). I also found the writing style - all in poetry - really unique and the description was beautiful in places. I think I enjoyed it even more because I didn't expect to like it but really did. My only criticism would be the slightly abrupt ending. Read it!! :-) Mrs P x
Posted on: 15 May 2013

Midsummer Moon
I really enjoyed reading this, but didn't feel that it completely hung together as a coherent story. In fact, it felt like reading lots of short stories and it was a shame that the final chapter did not link back to the first one. I wanted and expected future Eric to go away with some answers (or at least give the reader some!?) Overall, enjoyable and clever in places... could be better. Marcus Sedgewick in a nutshell! Mrs P x
Posted on: 15 May 2013

Lot's of BLOGS...
Hiya probably definitely epic readers!! Very nice to see lots of reviews - very much want to read the Girl / Greyhound one after the last review and 'In Darkness' is still top of my list to read. I have read another three after giving up on Maggot Moon! But run out of things to read again because they are all out :-(. My opinions on the three I read coming up... Mrs Proudman x
Posted on: 15 May 2013

In Darkness
This book is a bit perplexing at the moment because lots of strange words are being used in a strange ways but luckily I can decipher it! Since the other opinions of this book are positive I will carry on reading, lv Louise
Posted on: 11 May 2013

Maggot moon- Maggot bore
This book, although i only read the first few chapters of it, felt like a big jigsaw where none of the pieces fitted together. There wasn't an introduction; in a way I felt like I was reading a sequel to a book written in a very modern style Eviexxxx
Posted on: 07 May 2013

A boy in a bear iN A BOAT
So far i haven't voiced my true opinion on this book because i know my fellow members will rampage me with disagreements! I think although the plot was boring and there was no structure or features at all in a strange way i was quite funny. I felt relaxed when reading it and wasn't particularly bored although i admit it was VERYVERY BABYISH . I would NEVER vote for it against brilliant books like Wonder Eviexxxx
Posted on: 07 May 2013

All about wonder
This is my second Carnegie Book i have finished. I was desperate to read it and in contrary to the other readers at our school it didn't disappoint me in the slightest. I like the 1st person narrative and change of character speaking throughout the book as it adds variety. I felt such empathy for August and understood how he sees the world and how Via sees him An AMAZING book eviexxxxxxx
Posted on: 07 May 2013

I was really looking forward to reading Wonder, and I've got to say, it was a bit disappointing. August is really sweet and you build a connection with the characters but the book was entirely unremarkable. The plot is slow and predictable, It's an easy reader and i would say read it but don't put it at the top of your list . Jasmine xx
Posted on: 04 May 2013

A Greyhound of a Girl
Hello, I finished reading this book and I found it ok...not amazing but it was a worthwhile read. The plot was interesting, it went back in time a lot and there was a lot of background on the characters, which worked well. It wasn't quite my type of book but I did appreciate the well-written plot, and it had lots of mysteries in it which kept it going. I would recommend this book as I think others might enjoy it. It's pretty refreshing as it's written very differently - almost kind of old-fashioned - which is interesting and adds a twist. I hope y'all enjoy it!! Estelle xx
Posted on: 03 May 2013

Wonder is such a great book, although you kinda know what will happen it is written really well and nearly made me cry when he says 'Why do I have to be so ugly, Mommy?' Aww! I am only 1/4 through but I already love it! (But Julian is a sneaky idiot, excuse my French) Lv Louise
Posted on: 03 May 2013

Hi just read a boy and a bear in a boat. it is sooooooooooooooo rubbish do not read it However I have started Code Name Verity, very weirdly written, nice plot! I am on my 7th book and almost finished it. Does anyone have a greyhound of a girl I would like to read it... See ya on Wednesday Marielle xxx
Posted on: 03 May 2013

Just started reading A boy and a bear in a boat to my little bro, I think it is awful! So far !!! see ya Marielle xxx
Posted on: 01 May 2013

Maggot Moon
Hiya all! I am still struggling to get through 'Maggot Moon' - really not impressed :-(. Like Marielle, I am finding it hard to understand because there is so little background info given and it is very hard to form any kind of connection with the characters. I find that I enjoy books the most when there is an action-packed storyline and well-developed characters and, for me, this book has neither. But I'm forcing myself to read it to the end!! :-) Now looking forward to reading some of the others which Marielle and Beth have mentioned. Thanks for posting your views so far. Anyone read any of the other books? Mrs Proudman xx
Posted on: 28 Apr 2013

"Boy and a bear in a boat"
This book for me really was quite awful. I don't think it should be in the category for older people- more like for 5 year olds. The way it was written wasn't very exciting or clever, just a bit boring. I kept going and hoped for something good to happen but no, the ending was the worst bit. It would be interesting if you guys read it and then we could see whether u think the same. See ya, Beth xxx
Posted on: 28 Apr 2013

Just finished the WEIGHT OF WATER. it is actually really good despite the way it is laid out. It has a really good story. see ya Marielle xxx
Posted on: 26 Apr 2013

" Midwinterblood"
Hi just finished Midwinterblood it was really good and it had an interesting story to it. it shows the life of one person who like a cat has had 7 lives. hope you like it. I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. see ya Marielle xxx
Posted on: 25 Apr 2013

"Maggot Moon"
Hey everybody, I have just read Maggot Moon and I didn't find it very good at all. The story was really hard to understand and it was very violent. It also has some ' strong language'. Despite all that it was a page turner as I wanted to find out what happens at the end. I don't think it will attract a big audience as it is more for boys. It was a challenging read. Marielle
Posted on: 24 Apr 2013

Hey guys. I've just read "Wonder" and found it really amazing! It is written in such a clever way from different peoples' perspectives and everything! Some of it was quite touching, and really happy/sad- if you know what I mean. I really loved it and recommend you guys to read it and decide if you think its worth the win. - Beth xxx
Posted on: 24 Apr 2013

Carnegie 2013!
Yay! Colston's Girls are back for some more reading! We are all very excited for this year's Carnegie and we have already started reading some of the books - clearly Jasmine has some very strong opinions! Well done Jas, you have successfully put me off A Boy and a Bear in a Boat! We all can't wait to do some more reading, and I'm ready to stretch my boundaries and go outside my comfort zone a little with the book shortlist for 2013. See ya! Estelle xx
Posted on: 24 Apr 2013

The boy and the bear in the boat
This book is terrible. Boring even for seven-year olds. Just Don't Read It. love jasmine xxx
Posted on: 10 Jul 2012

It definitely deserved it!
Congratulations to A Monster Calls for winning!! I think it was a really good book, as it was really deep and dark, and had lots of meaning behind the 'stories' in there, how it managed to portray a boy's feelings by using what people would say was makebelief. I have just finished Midnight Zoo and have read Trash, and I quite liked Midnight Zoo but didn't really like Trash as it wasn't that engaging. Khadijaxxx
Posted on: 17 Jun 2012

A MONSTER CALLS! Good choice I think as everyone who read this really enjoyed it. Mrs Proudman xx
Posted on: 15 Jun 2012

My favourite...
Wow. It has been ages since I have posted and time has flied and it's time to choose my favourite... Aaah, it's so hard! 1) My Sister Lives on the Mantepiece 2) A Monster Calls (this is such a close second!) 3) My Name is Mina I keep battling between the first two but in the end I chose that one because it explored lots of issues but managed to keep me interested at the same time. But I also think A Monster Calls was so deep and sad but captivating at the same time. My least favourite is definitely Everybody Jam. It was so boring, it took me a week to finish because I kept getting distracted by other books! I just couldnt sit down and relax and read it, I wasn't drawn in. I don't think it should be on the shortlist. I can't wait to see who the winner is! Khadijaxx
Posted on: 13 Jun 2012

Winner announced tomorrow!
Heya all. Sorry for missing the meeting on Tuesday. Just to let you know that the winner will be announced tomorrow. Who do you want to win? My personal fave was 'My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece' but I think 'My Name is Mina' or 'A Monster Calls' deserve to win as they were both so original and challenged my preconceptions. Please check the website to see who wins! Thanks for doing lots of reading and getting involved in some interesting discussions xx
Posted on: 13 Jun 2012

Everybody Jam- more like brain jam
I have only read two pages off this and I am already bored. This is a really bad book so far but I'm going to stick it out and read the whole thing. Hope I don't fall asleep! Susannah xx
Posted on: 29 May 2012

Creepy and confusing = my sister lives on the mantlepiece
This story is really creepy. In the first sentence it says 'There we only bits of her left" or something along those lines. It goes on like that but it's confusing because the narrator is really weird, he just talks about stuff and it's like he doesn't express emotion. But it is really good if a little simple and really opens your eyes into how a death can completely rip some ones life apart and turn them into a really horrible person . Susannah xx (grrr, stupid paragraphs and blurbs)
Posted on: 28 May 2012

I think blurbs can be sooo misleading and different to the book. It is really annoying as it makes your expectations so high and then they crash right down to the ground when you read the book. This has happened with me yesterday on one of the Carnegie books and I wanted to re-write the blurb. Sorry for my rant... Khadijaxxx PS: Me too Sussannah! *SPOILER ALERT* that bit at the end with his mum almost dying was so sad! I also think the issues in the book are a lot more dark and for teenagers than the book's cover suggests. But I think that's what makes it so supprising.
Posted on: 25 May 2012

A Monster Calls: After reading
I cried, honest. When I read a lot of books and feel like crying i say I cried but I really did cry over this books ending. There are blotches in my science book to prove it! It's not as creepy as I thought it could be but it was really symbolic and really dark. Especially like when the monster tells Conner to smash things. I think Conner had a mental break down. Will post again soon Susannah xx
Posted on: 23 May 2012

A Monster Calls
This book looks babyish at first, but actually it is extremely serious and sad...(not scary) as Connor struggles to deal with his mum's cancer. The monster is basically Conner's sub-concoius, and the stories are just symbolic. The ending is soooo sad! Khadija xxx
Posted on: 23 May 2012

A Monster Calls: Pre reading
A Monster Calls looks a bit babyish but I don't think it is. My friends told me it's actually really dark and creepy but then again, she could just get scared easily. I will post more on this subject Susannah xx
Posted on: 22 May 2012

Everybody Jam...
I am on the 5th chapter of Everybody Jam and at the moment it seems really boring... I will keep reading, but if anyone has read it, could they tell me if anything exciting happens? Oh and Susannah , you were right about the book this time, but you never know, in the future you may not be... (as with me and Artemis Fowl). Khadija xxx
Posted on: 20 May 2012

Yeah, I should have dumped it back in the library
Yes, The midnight zoo is actually incredibly boring because there's about three interesting bits but the rest is all the animals having a moan and a go at each other. On top of that it is really weird because it's also in sort of real time (when the time space in the book is the same time in real life ) which actually makes it quite boring so. It's also really annoying because there's this really sad bit and you get all excited because you think something goods going to happen at last but then it doesn't which is a bit of a let down and it definitely wasn't a good use of my time to read it, especially with all the language exams going on. So this book should be dumped (ha ha Khadija, I have good book senses) Susannah xx
Posted on: 17 May 2012

No paragraphs...
Was annoyed my post came out as a big chunk of writing with no paragraph spaces. I hate reading posts like that. Anything we can do about that...?
Posted on: 16 May 2012

Haven't posted in ages... so little time... I have finished My Name is Mina and A Monster calls. My thoughts... I thought it was interesting how My Name is Mina was set out, just a random jumble of poems, dreams, stories, words, extraordinary activities etc.. but that all had a meaning behind it and I would have to say that this one is the most thought-provoking and clever. However, I am the kind of person that likes stories with lots and LOTS of action and adventure so I guess I found this one a little boring and hard to get into... Now, about A Monster Calls, I picked up this book with low expectations but found it was AMAZING!! If anyone has read this book, I am wondering if the monster was real or just part of his subconcoius (can't spell that :-) ) or symbolic. But this one is definitely my favourite out of the two! To the person who isn't sure about finishing Midnight Zoo (*cough* *cough* , Suzannah) I think you should try and get through it even if you can't get into it (like me with My Name is Mina) and you may find it a good read afterwards and have a wrong first impression... or at least be able to write a review (even if it was negative ;-D ) So, until next time everyone, as I prepare to keep going with some frustrating revision for my Asset French tommorow... Au Revoir- Khadijaxxx
Posted on: 16 May 2012

...write your name at the end when you post a blog so we all know who we're talking to xx
Posted on: 14 May 2012

Bring back your books! :-)
Heya everyone! Good to see some books are being read and we like most of them. Has anyone read 'A Monster Calls' yet? This is my favourite so far! I liked 'My Name is Mina' and it really made me think about some interesting ideas, but I found her character quite annoying - maybe that's the point?! 'Stuart' was amazing. Please bring your books back to the library as soon as you've finished with them as lots of us have ran out of books to read! See you tomorrow lunchtime - I will bring Maoms! :-) Happy reading. Mrs Proudman xx
Posted on: 14 May 2012

Hmm to read or not to read
I've just started The Midnight zoo and have to admit, I am not impressed. I don't want to read a book that I won't enjoy so what do I do. I've seen on review on here and it's good but I really don't like the book. Drop it back in the Library or continue in case I fall in love? Hmm, decisions, decisions Susannah xx
Posted on: 10 May 2012

Small change for Stuart: one of the best books ever?
I have now read Small change for Stuart. IT IS EPIC. It's all about a boy who likes adventure, is very small and likes magic and what he gets up to with TT TH. I have this little test for books called 'the W test'. Basically I read a book and try to stop as soon as possible. When I had to read the whole book to eventually stop reading it, I knew it had made it's way onto my top 10 book list. I recommend this book for anyone who is teenager even though it's aimed at 10 year olds... I might have a childs brain. Susannah xx
Posted on: 10 May 2012

Starting a book...
I've just started My Name Is Mina, and I hope it will be good. Does anyone know if it's a good book for someone who likes action, thrill and adventure mostly?
Posted on: 08 May 2012

books are cool!!!!
i really like the carneige book club and am reading the midnight zoo whiich is amazing!!!!! i am a recent member!!!! Me too, what's good about it?
Posted on: 08 May 2012

We are back!
colston's girls' school is back and we are bigger snd better than ever! we are so excited 2 be back!xx
Posted on: 08 May 2012

Read One Already
Hey, Zarah speaking. I've read 1 carniege book and it was kinda good. Called "Small change for Stuart". READ IT!!!
Posted on: 08 May 2012

Hi CGS or anyone looking at this post, carniegie is back and we're bigger than ever, quite literally, there's about 10 more people than last year. We hope that this year is going to be better than last year (even though we weren't here last year) ...We haven't read any books yet personally but are raring to go! Bye Bye and Happy reading xx Khadija+Susannah
Posted on: 08 May 2012

Yasmin and Shumyia can read!
we just joined the carnegie group and shumyia is already finished her 1st carnegie book! I would start reading them but I'm reading the hunger games ;) -Yasmin OMG the hunger games is BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna watch the avengers!!!! xP - Shumyia. also..... guess what?... BLAHHHHHHHHHHH.
Posted on: 08 May 2012

The midnight zoo is really good. CHEESE!!!!
Posted on: 08 May 2012

Our Final Meeting
Today we had our final meeting and decided on the following order: 1. (Our winner): Out of Shadows 2. Prisoner 3. White Crow 4. The Bride's Farewell 5. Monster's of Men 6. The Death Defying Pepper Rouge It was very close between our top two. Only Juila saw any positives in Pepper Rouge - well done Julia!:-) Thank you everyone for reading lots and getting involved. Winner announced tomorrow...
Posted on: 22 Jun 2011

White Crow
Great Book, not sure about the ending though.
Posted on: 04 Jun 2011

Happy Half Term
Keep reading those books!!
Posted on: 30 May 2011

Mrs Proudman is on her 5th book!
Whoop whoop
Posted on: 25 May 2011

Out of the Shadows :)
This book is absolutly amazing! It's a bit simplistic towards the beginning but the narrators a 13 year old boy so what do you expect? But it's very thought-provoking, swinging your opinion, so one moment you're supporting the blacks, the next the whites, action packed and shocking. It's similar to a Linzi Glass novel by the way. :) hee hee But secretly I hated it ;)
Posted on: 11 May 2011

The Prisoner
In my personal opinion the prisoner is a bit jumpy and also quite confusing. It has cliffhangers, however, you can work out what will happen next most of the time. So, overall I don't recommend it at all!
Posted on: 11 May 2011

The prisoner of the inquisiton
this book looked amazing, the blurb had all the thing that a book needs. Unfortunatly it is not a good book. Boring and dull it goes on way tooooo long! It's hard to understand and jumpy. There are cliffhangers at the end of every chapter but its obvious
Posted on: 11 May 2011

Heya CGS Carnegie Guys!
Whats up guys, I would suggest the book the Brides Farewell. Its great and very descriptive!
Posted on: 11 May 2011

Hello. The Death Defying Pepper Roux is the most boring book ever.
Posted on: 11 May 2011