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Posted on: 17 Dec 2010

Jiggy Mcue books
I have almost read all the jiggy mcue books by micheal Lawrence cos right now iam reading the snottle and it is brill please read them if youlike a good comedy book, by Lachlan
Posted on: 30 Nov 2010

I think video games won!
We had a diffrent pole and video games have won.
Posted on: 23 May 2010

crazy hair!
There is a new book called crazy hair and i've read it. I go to a club at the libary and the lady who takes it read us crazy hair. It is a fun rhymeing book for kids to read,
Posted on: 23 May 2010

I have finished cosmic too!
I'm going to tell You about cosmic. Cosmic is a great book and its about a boy that get's lost in space and then he tells us about his life when he was 11 years old. My favorite bit was when he went to high school and the staff thought he was the new head teacher.I finished cosmic in January. Its a great book.By Chirsty. xx
Posted on: 23 May 2010

I have finished cosmic and I really love the part when Liam Digby gets mixed up with the head teacher and he ends up being introduced as the new head teacher at school assembly.By Lachlan.
Posted on: 29 Jan 2010

We now have a new poll so you can vote for something different.I thought I'd do this because ya know I just thought I'd UPDATE the websiste for people to vote ''different''.by Lachlan Harris.
Posted on: 29 Jan 2010

Hello,my name is jade i am having a great time reading my favourite book cosmic i have been reading it for hours because it is a really good book!!by jade
Posted on: 12 Dec 2009

Our pole
If you like books you can vote on our web page pole to see how much you like books.
Posted on: 12 Dec 2009

Hello parents
Hello parents I would like to tell you a little bit about shadowing site. It is a very good website for good young readers and smart people, but today primary 3/4 will be reading their secret panel stories. By Chirsty
Posted on: 11 Dec 2009

story telling
We are having a storytelling in our class.Our class have been writing storys that are very good.Our group are having a great time on the website we have made lots of blogs and having fun!by jade
Posted on: 11 Dec 2009

hi parents
Welcome parents this is the shadowing website where there are loads of books that we can read and make a reiview about.when your in this website it is full of enjoyent and excitment. we hope you like our secret panel stories which is based on a wizard named Merlin who finds a secret panel and when he opens it up he finds an adventure that will change his life forever... by Lachlan Harris
Posted on: 11 Dec 2009

COSMIC is out of this world
I am reading Cosmic. It is a very good book. It is by Frank Cottrell Boyce. I think that it is an adventure book, because a boy called Liam talks about when he was younger. The main character is called Liam. He is very tall, but he is only 12 years old. I have read a lot, so far. My favorite bit of the story is when he goes to high school, because all the teachers think he is a teacher. By Chirsty.
Posted on: 27 Nov 2009

My book
I am reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It’s genre is action comedy. I have read up to page 226 and I am enjoying Cosmic because Liam is trying to get back into the spaceship because he forgot his safety harness. I am not enjoying it because at first I was really keen but now it has lost my attention. The main characters are Liam, Florida and Dr Drax. So there’s my blog, till next time. By Lachlan
Posted on: 27 Nov 2009

Posted on: 24 Nov 2009

Posted on: 02 Nov 2009

fun books
Books are fun in all sorts of ways such as action adventure and all these other things so please read as much books as possible.Thank you by Lachlan
Posted on: 02 Nov 2009

birthday books.
Today is my birthday I'm 8 today and I also got some books(obviously)and I was screaming my head off when I got them I was at ASDA yesterday begging my mum (NOT like a baby goo goo gaa gaa)for this doubler of books and today I have it yippee I also got some lego yay.Bye. by Lachlan
Posted on: 01 Nov 2009

I love Cosmic
I am reading Cosmic. It is by Frank Cottrell Boyce. The genre is adventure. The main characters are Liam and Florida. The book so far is very good. I am enjoying it because it is such an adventure. Liam is a young 12 year old boy that is very very big that people think he is an adult. A car salesman even let him test drive a porche (nearly). by Jade
Posted on: 01 Nov 2009

boys and they're books
I like books everybody does but some bullies call names to people who read books like bookworm to mostly boys but just ignore that because if you like books you should feel proud of yourself because a good book is always and I mean ALWAYS good.It is just wrong name calling anayway right what Im saying is today is : sticks and bones will break bones and names will never hurt ya!
Posted on: 31 Oct 2009

If you dont have a computer at home use the one in the library or at kidzworld or mabye even at scool(in spare time).What you dont do is begg for your parents laptop...No I'm in real talk just now.Now I had trouble logging in the day I started shadowing the whatever it is(please forgive me I'm only p4)but I did it so what I'm saying is:figure things out.Look at me now writing a blog and I've only just started shadowing so bye now.
Posted on: 30 Oct 2009

Jiggy books (michael lawrence)
Have you ever read a Micheal lawrence book?I have once.I have read seven they are all really good you should try getting one at about this ten year old kid named Jiggy you really should try it. One more thing have you ever read a micheal morpurgo book because I dont really like him.Bye.
Posted on: 29 Oct 2009