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Eastbourne Chatterbooks

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Posted on: 01 Apr 2017

Author visit!
On Saturday 4th June we were lucky enough to have a visit from author and illustrator Liz Pichon. Liz talked to us about her latest book 'The Brilliant World of Tom Gates' (which is seriously good by the way. Read it! Read it now!) and we had a fab time inventing a giant monster. Liz also showed us how to do some Tom Gates style doodling and signed a copy of her book for each of us. We can't wait for the second book in the series, 'Excellent Excuses (and other good stuff), to come out later in the year. Check out the Tom Gates blog:
Posted on: 21 Jun 2011

April 2011
We had great fun today looking over half of this year's Greenaway shortlist - we'll be looking over the other half in our May meeting. During our last session we looked at (most of) the books on the longlist and then decided which ones we thought would make it onto the shortlist. We did pretty well, and three of our choices were right (Jim, Cloud Tea Monkeys and Farther). So today we all looked through Jim, Farther, Big Bear Little Brother and Me and You and our favourite at the moment by a pretty long way is definitely Jim so we're already hoping that one wins! Today we were also inspired by the CKG awards to begin our own book awards. We're each going to pick our favourite books which everyone in the group will then read and vote on. So far we've picked 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', 'Wayside School is Falling Down' by Louis Sachar, 'Ottoline and the Yellow Cat' by Chris Riddle, 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo, 'The Thornthwaite Inheritance' by Gareth P Jones, 'Running Wild' by Michael Morpurgo, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roal Dahl, 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo and 'Born to Run' by Michael Morpurgo. As you can see most of us are pretty big Morpurgo fans. We haven't all picked which book we want to put forward yet but we're looking forward to reading them all!
Posted on: 09 Apr 2011

Today's our last meeting until September, and I'll be announcing this year's winners to the group. Hopefully they won't be too upset that their favourite didn't win! We're going to have a competition to give everyone in the group an opportunity to win a copy of the two books which were awarded the Carnegie and Greenaway medals this year, so that should be fun!
Posted on: 26 Jun 2010

Last Saturday (22nd May) we had a look at 'The Graveyard Book', 'Crazy Hair', 'Harry and Hopper' and 'Leon and the Place Between'. We read out the three picture books, but 'The Graveyard Book' was a bit too long to do that(!) so we read a few sections which went along with each of the pictures. 'Harry and Hopper' made us all a bit sad so 'Crazy Hair' and 'Leon and the Place Between' were a bit of a relief after reading that one! There was a bit of a debate over the ending to 'Crazy Hair' though - was it really a happy and satisfactory one if she had to stay in his hair forever? We weren't so sure. Whatever we thought about the books we all had fun drawing pictures of some things you might find in the crazy hair or the place between. There was some great ideas (we particularly loved the time machine operated by eating chocolate!) and we're hoping to make them into a display to go into the childrens' library. Until next time please try and avoid getting sucked into anyone's mad hair do...
Posted on: 27 May 2010

Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

there are cats in this book
we liked this book because it was nice and colourful. It would be sutibale for 2+. Hope Kelly age 8 Serena Tutt,Age 10
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

The great paper caper
I liked this book it was very interesting , my favourite page was where the bear is making the paper from a branch. I would give It 9.5 out of 10.
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

The Great Paper Caper
I think the Great Paper Caper is a very good book. Partly because it touches the real-life subject of enviromental problems, and partly because i find the pictures very inspiring and hand-written cartoon speech bubbles very interesting! In conclusion therefore, i think that The great paper caper is definately one of the best young childrens picture books i have ever read, but of an aquired taste! Martha Stutchbury, age 9!
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

There are cats in this book.
Howdey everybody today i read There are cats in this book and i think that this book is very enjoyable to read and to look at. It is bright and colourful and i think that it is suited for 2 years onward. It was very funny and i think that the flaps are very good because it lets you interact with the book.I would definitely reccommend to anyone aged 2 to infinity. lots of laugh Jade Allistone (11) wawawa
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

There are cats in this book!
Hi guys!! I am part of a reading group called 'Chatter Books' in Eastbourne Library. (It is great!!!) Any way, I really liked that the book was funny & flambouyant. Very suitable for the age group it's aimed at. (2+) But I loved it. LOL! It is a great book, I would like it would win the greenaway awards! By.Rachael (11)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

there are cats in this book
i really enjoyed it. it was like the cats were talking to you. tomek(9)& Hugo(11)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

Dont read This Book
Its a very colourful and funny book. It had a use of repetitive words which is great for younger readers because they can get used to saying the words and spelling them. Its a good book and I`d reccomend it for younger readers. Francesca Guldemond (9)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

there are cats in this book
i liked there are cats in this book because it is very good for little people. The illastrasions are very bright and colourful. It is very interactive which is good for smaller people.I think it might be aimed at younger people who are around the age of three. Lara Dixon(aged 9)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010

There Are Cats In This Book
It was funny and colourful. It would be good for young kids and the flaps were fun. Jasmine (9) & Eleanor (8)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2010