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Carnegie 2011 is Here!!!!
Welcome back to all the students from last year who are once again getting involved this year. What's new? Well this year we have a lot more participants involved with the group ranging from year 6 to year 10 so loads more opinions and arguments hopefully Also we have the entire long list already in the library which should help things run smoother! So 18th March Library 12.45 let's start reading!
Posted on: 18 Mar 2011

Deadline approaches
The group are reading quickly.....the deadline for the announcement of the winner approaches. Will we agree with what the judges decide?
Posted on: 10 Jun 2010

MrBen's arrival
MrBen has been said to arrive tomorrow, and also with him, all but two of the books from the short list.
Posted on: 29 Apr 2010

Mr.Ben Stuck in England
So far, we don't have the new Carnegie Books. To top that off, Mr. Ben is delayed by a volcanic eruption and is stuck in England. He might be coming soon but we can never tell the future.
Posted on: 22 Apr 2010