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The Hereford Academy

Kiera's thoughts on Apple and Rain
I really enjoyed reading apple and rain because I liked the overall story line and the poems in the book were quite touching. I thought the poems were fantastic because they helped me understand the story more. I feel that if the book just contained the poems that the author wrote, it would still tell the same story but in a different perspective with not as much detail. The book creates lots of feelings for the characters and well as the reader. As the story progresses the feelings change and get a lot stronger. I love the way Sarah Crossan describes the characters feelings but not actually telling us what they are. With all the characters in one book, I think that Sarah Crossan has developed a unique writing style. I love all the parts in this book. However, my favourite part is when they become a happy family at the end of the book. I would rte this book 5* because I love it and all of my family love it too!!
Posted on: 03 Jun 2015

Imogen's blog post: A Detailed Summary of Apple and Rain
Apple and Rain is about a young teenagers journey in finding herself. Apple, the main character, was only a young baby when her mother left her. Eleven years on, Apple`s mother, Annie, returns to England and returns to Apple`s life. Since the day Annie left, Apple had been living with her nan and when Annie returns; she offers Apple to live with her in her newly bought flat. Despite Nana disagreeing, Apple goes to live with her mother... Only to find she has a long lost little sister called Rain. The ten year old Rain has an issue - she believes that her doll is a real baby. However what seems worse is that Rain believes Jenny (the doll) is her own. Apple finds herself staying home - babysitting Rain - as Annie goes off to auditions - attempting to bring money home. Apple starts to recieve issues involving her not going to school which she has to lock up behind her... One weekend Annie has to stay overnight at London; leaving Apple to watch and care for Rain for a night... However, one night turns into two and then diaster strikes... Apple and Rain argue over the fact of Jenny, the doll, being unrealistic. Apple commits some spiteful actions causing Rain to run away during Apple`s sleep. At 5:00am Apple awakes to find Rain is missing and decides to ask Del, her friend, to help her search for Rain. Whilst searching for Rain, they form a strong bond which ends up being a relationship after Rain is finally found on the beach shore; concious. In the end, Apple is rightfully back to where she belongs - Nana`s house. Nana offers to shelter Rain and Annie in her house (after disagreeing and then, finally, agreeing.) Another thing which happens nearing the end is Apple finally standing up to a girl in her year, Donna Taylor. Donna had taken Apple`s best friend (Pilar) away from her and now after the long quest; Apple was able to stand up for herself instead of cowering. Apple`s English teacher had said that poems can transform people and Apple was finally able to agree to that statement.
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

Our first meeting 2015
We held our first Carnegie Shadowing Book Club meeting on Monday and talked about the book we will be focusing on, 'Apple and Rain.' We all agreed that the beginning of the story is intriguing and that there are some unanswered questions: why did Apple's mum leave and is she going to come back? We talked about what the answers might be and also what we think about the main character Apple and how she feels. It will be interesting to find out what happens next! Miss Mulhall, Librarian
Posted on: 22 Apr 2015

First Meeting 2011
Well, we eventually made it to our first meeting yesterday afternoon, despite delays this term because of Work Experience and ICE folders. We've decided the students who will be participating in the scheme, and we looked at an overview of the books together. Sarah started reading 'the death-defying Pepper Roux'. She said 'you can't judge a book by its cover, but I thought it stood out from the others'. The rest of us began 'The White Crow'. We think it sounds interesting and look forward to finding out more about the central characters. We like its slightly gothic-horror feel, although how much of this is because of the cover remains to be seen.
Posted on: 25 May 2011