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Fever Crumbs
I am reading Fever Crumbs at the moment it is gooooooooooooooooooood
Posted on: 12 May 2010

The Ask and the Answer
I am currently reading The Ask and the Answer, which I am hooked on! At first I didn't know if I would read this, as the text was written how the character would say it- eg, spelling, punctiation etc. As I normally read older books this was quite a culture shock but, as I am now quite a chunk into the book- I have to say it makes it much more atmospheric and involving to the reader. I wish I could read it with more speed as I am desperate to find out what happens to Viola and Todd! Thats all to write I guess, I'll write when I get more into the book! Ella. PS- I am also reading Nation by Terry Prachett- may blog about that soon as well!!
Posted on: 12 May 2010