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RGS Readers
Isle of Man,
Group status: Hey we are RGS readers! We are happy to say we have received our books and some of us have finished our first one already. Quite a few of our group have chosen the book Blood Family two of us have finished this book already and we hope to meet up with on

Some of our reading group

We're Ramsey Grammar School in the Isle of Man and we're reading books!

Rachel Kelly

what is your favorite book genre

17% (1 vote)

17% (1 vote)

17% (1 vote)

17% (1 vote)

33% (2 votes)

Title: A Gathering Light
Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Winning Year: 2003

This is a moving and unforgettable story of life in the Adirondack Mountains, in upstate New York at the turn of the 20th Century. The central character, Mattie, struggles to choose between family duty and her burning desire for education and a better lif