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Preston Manor
Wembley, Middlesex
Group status: The Shadows have reached halfway in reading all the Carnegie books and every week we practice reading aloud the Greenaways. Soon we will be ready to read to the lower school classes.


Ark Academy Shadows
Sudbury Stars
Wembley, Middlesex
Wembley, Middlesex
WHTC Book Club 2013
What is your favorite genre?

Dystopic Fiction
33% (2 votes)

Historic Fiction
17% (1 vote)

I can't decide!!
50% (3 votes)

Title: A Valley Grows Up
Author: Edward Osmond
Winning Year: 1953

This is the illustrated story of an imaginary English valley from prehistory to the Victorian period. The landscape gradually develops from an uninhabited stretch of forest, to a hillside, then a swamp, until finally it becomes the busy Victorian town of