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Group status: Have been looking at books that have been nominated for 2012 prize. Can't get on to reviews section yet:(
We are a teenage reading group from Menston and we meet in Menston Library. We can be contacted at the library on Main Street Menston LS296LG and at the phone number 01943 876539. We are updating our group info every time we meet so more will be added each time but so far this is what our members have to say about how good our group is: Kyle: Everyone in the group enjoys reading to a certain extent. Joshua: We are very noisy group, but this is good because you can tell we all get along with each other. Jack: I like to read different types of fiction books. I come to the group because it is really fun and I enjoy myself a lot. Ella- I love reading books so I come to the group and it's good fun!!! Harriet- I love the monthly disscusions because we all like a wide range of genres; I love romance where as other people like horror or cookery. I would defenatley recommend trying a different variety of genres because you never know you may find some you like!!!!! Also it is a time for meeting up with people you may not see because they go to different schools to you and to eat lots of chocolate yum yum. Harriet & Ella- it was such good fun making the easter buns especially watching the boys atempt to make them!!!!! :) :) :) :) Lucy- Everyone is friendly :) :) :) :) Eleanor- I really enjoy coming to the club, it's really fun and everyone gets along great!!!! :) :) :) :) Josh- I think the club is a fun way to get to know people and also share our books. Millie: I like romance because there are different interesting plots.I like the club because it is fun and very exiting and every one gets along !!!!!!!!!:):):):):):) Hey everyone why don't you take part in our poll it's on the right hand side. Also look at the cool video of the libary made your very own smashing book seekers!!! Now some jokes! what do call a deer with no eyes? no eye deer! why did the hedgehog cross the road? to meet his flat mate! Bethany: I really like the reading group because i have met new people and the leader "christine" is amazing and does good things and orginises trips for us to opinioinally attend. there are some many activites to do we are spoilt for choice. Xxx

favourite genre of books

sci - fi

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Untitled from Tori Wilkinson on Vimeo.

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