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Chobham Academy Book Group
40 Cheering lane, London
Group status: We're fighting about biscuits (and books)!!!
We are a fun wacky group that borders on total RANDOMNESS! We all like different genres of books from adventure to horror but we all love reading. Please fill in our poll and watch our group video. (If we have one when you read this.)

What is your favourite genre of book?

94% (243 votes)

1% (3 votes)

3% (8 votes)

0% (1 vote)

0% (1 vote)

0% (1 vote)

0% (1 vote)

Title: I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
Illustrator: Lauren Child
Winning Year: 2000

Lola will not eat peas. In fact, she won't eat carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, sausages, cauliflower, cabbage or baked beans. And she will absolutely not eat a tomato. When Charlie discovers that peas are green drops from Greenland, and that carrots