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Inverclyde Academy English Department Explorers' Club
Group status: we're reading and our star readers are Ellis, Jonathan, Emma, Beth, Heather, Mhairi, Christina and the two Sophies!
In our group there are roughly between 20-30 students, every night the students have homework, this homework of course is to read 10 minutes of a book. In the group are many different types of readers and many different tastes in genre.

Inverclyde Bookworms
Clydeview Academy
What is your favourite children's book of all time?

Alice in Wonderland
13% (3 votes)

Peter Pan
8% (2 votes)

Winnie the Pooh books
17% (4 votes)

Narnia books
13% (3 votes)

Roald Dahl books
13% (3 votes)

Goodnight Mister Tom
29% (7 votes)

The Secret Garden
8% (2 votes)

Title: Stone Cold
Author: Robert Swindells
Winning Year: 1993

'Stone Cold' is a fabulous book. There is a sense of tension and doom as the two narrators get closer and closer to each other.