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Fyling Hall
Group status: Reading, Reading, Reading

Some of the shadowing team.

Our reading group is made up of pupils of different ages and nationalities. Jonas from Germany. Me, Charlotte from the UK. Kayleigh from the UK. Josh from the UK. Stephanie from Croatia. Jae from South Korea. Jimena from Spain. Aspen from the UK. Now, lets see what everyone makes of the books...

Charlotte Harris

caedmon school
Whitby, North Yorkshire
Whitby Community College
what is your favorite book?

4% (10 votes)

93% (230 votes)

The smell of Other People's Houses
2% (6 votes)

Title: The Family from One End Street
Author: Eve Garnett
Winning Year: 1937

There is never a dull moment in the lively Ruggles family. From capable Lily Rose, whose good deeds don't always go to plan, to Mr Ruggles who is a dustman and Mrs Ruggles who takes in washing, down to prize-winning baby William. The seven Ruggles ch