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Hello everyone, this is Dunraven's official shadowing page! Vote now on our poll and write your reviews on our blog. We hope you enjoy our page.

Ava, Ruby, Holly and Joe

Streatham Library Chatterbooks
SCHS Book Club
Team ISA
What is your favourite book so far?

2% (11 votes)

The Smell Of Other Peoples Houses
20% (123 votes)

Wolf Hollow
2% (15 votes)

Salt To The Sea
36% (218 votes)

Rail Head
8% (51 votes)

Sputniks Guide To Life On Earth
31% (192 votes)

Title: Monsters of Men
Author: Patrick Ness
Winning Year: 2011

The third and final volume in the "Chaos Walking Trilogy" finds three armies marching on New Prentisstown, each intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle with no chance of escape or, it seems, of stopping the fighting. But


Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock was born and raised in Alaska. She worked many years fishing commercially with her family and as a reporter for Alaska Public Radio stations. She was also the host and producer of Independent Native News, a daily newscast focusing on