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The Eagles
Sandhurst, Berkshire
Group status: We are all busily reading the 2017 Shortlist. Another year of incredible reads.

Our readers clutching their Carnegie books

Our group is from Eagle House School in Sandhurst Berkshire. We are all 12 and 13 year olds and we like a variety of authors.

Sandhurst Shadows
Sandhurst, Berkshire
New Scotland Hill Primary
Little Sandhurst, Berkshire
Who is going to win the Carnegie Medal in 2017?

The Smell of Other People's Houses
23% (3 votes)

38% (5 votes)

8% (1 vote)

Salt to the Sea
31% (4 votes)

Title: The Haunting
Author: Margaret Mahy
Winning Year: 1982

The family of Barney's dead mother are aware that there is something special about this particular boy. As he resigns himself to being haunted again, his sister and brother set out to discover the reason behind his supernatural attraction. This is an ext