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Chobham Academy Book Group
40 Cheering lane, London
Group status: You can't read a book faster than us lot!!!

All our names are: Katie Kidney,Ellie Warr, Katie Smith, Eshika Kaypee,Megan Kirby, Charlotte Nightingale, Megan Sermon and Amar Rai. We love books! As you can see we are all girls!!!We find our books very interesting and right now Megan S is reading 'Between shades of grey' Eshika is reading 'A Monster Calls', Katie k is reading 'My sister lives on the mantlepiece', Ellie is reading 'Trash' Charlotte is reading 'Everybody Jam' Amar is reading 'The midnight zoo' katie s is reading my name is mina

which of these is your favourite book

my name is mina
3% (1 vote)

between shades of gray
16% (6 votes)

everybody jam
16% (6 votes)

my sister lives on the mantle piece
11% (4 votes)

19% (7 votes)

small change for stuart
14% (5 votes)

midnight zoo
3% (1 vote)

a monster calls
19% (7 votes)