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Sandhurst Shadows
Sandhurst, Berkshire
Group status: Talking about the book year ahead.
We are members of the school Book Club, some of whom proudly declare ourselves to be bona fide geeks and others who surprise even ourselves that we are into books and reading. What we all have in common is that we definitely enjoy talking about and sharing our opinions about books.

The Eagles
Sandhurst, Berkshire
New Scotland Hill Primary
Little Sandhurst, Berkshire
Sandhurst Shadows
Have digital books entered your reading world?

No, not at all.
Yes, they have replaced 'normal' books.
Yes, but only as an addition to 'normal' books.
They did for a while, but then I went back to 'normal' books.
Yes, they are a great way of having a number of books with me at a time.
I tried them, but didn't really enjoy screen reading.
No, you miss out on cool illustrations and colours.
Yes, I find it useful to be able to check definitions as I am reading without having to reach for a dictionary.