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Campion School and Community College
Group status: sleeping
We are a group of Year 9 students form Campion School, Warwickshire. We volenteered to read the shortlist for the Carnegie Awards and post reviews. Every Tuesday we meet for an hour to discuss and swap our books. This is also the time that we post our reviews and edit our group page.

St Margarets C of E Junior School
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Shrubland Street Primary
Sydenham Primary School
Leamington Spa,
Who is the bravest character out of all the books?

Isabel- Chains
11% (2 votes)

Mau- Nation
11% (2 votes)

Sig Anderson- Revolver
11% (2 votes)

Fever Crumb- Fever Crumb
11% (2 votes)

Todd- The ask and the answer
56% (10 votes)

Title: Here Lies Arthur
Author: Philip Reeve
Winning Year: 2008

James Says that this book is ... Interesting because it was a gripping story to read! It had a different take on the legened, because of this it made me read on more. I would recommend this book and the author. 8/10