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Black Badgers
Hampton Hill, Middlesex
Group status: We are reading the books, all very good....
Hi! We are Lady Eleanor Holles Junior Department reading ambassadors and we are from all years between 3 and 6. We are reading fantics - why we do this! We are all girls and are having lots of fun doing all of this!

Lucy and Nel and all of the rest of us

The Lady Eleanor Holles School
Hampton Lions
Hampton, Middlesex
Hampton School
Hampton, Middlesex
The Lady Eleanor Holles School
What book do you think will win (Carnegie)?

Ghost Hawk
20% (3 votes)

Roof Toppers
53% (8 votes)

Liar and spy
7% (1 vote)

The Child's Elephant
20% (3 votes)

Title: Flour Babies
Author: Anne Fine
Winning Year: 1992

A funny and sweet story about a class of rowdy and somewhat lacking boys who are given the ultimate challenge - parenting! Soon, they discover that the world should not be taken for granted, and what they have not noticed since then. Please read - very go


The Lady Eleanor Holles School