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St Richard Reynold Readers
Group status: Having one of our last reading sessions!!! (SOB)
St Richard Reynolds Readers are a close knit group of amazing readers with a passion for books lead by the amazing, glamorous Miss Conway ( who by the way is not writing this)! We meet twice a week (although we wish it was more) for 45 magical minutes! We will keep you updated on our reading endeavors! And remember KEEP READING.

Lottie and Benjamin

Rooks Heath Shadowers
6 All Stars!!!
Binfield Bookworms
Beckton, London
What is your favorite book?

Blood Family
7% (3 votes)

The wall
7% (3 votes)

Child's Elephant
7% (3 votes)

Bunker diaries
2% (1 vote)

Ghost Hawk
2% (1 vote)

20% (9 votes)

All the truth thats in me
24% (11 votes)

Liar and spy
31% (14 votes)

Title: I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
Illustrator: Lauren Child
Winning Year: 2000

Lola will not eat peas. In fact, she won't eat carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, sausages, cauliflower, cabbage or baked beans. And she will absolutely not eat a tomato. When Charlie discovers that peas are green drops from Greenland, and that carrots