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Beaulieu Bibliophiles
St Helier,
Group status: We are getting ready to start reading this year's shortlist. Watch this space!

This was our superb English Class in 2014. This year's shadowing group will be on here vey soon.

Last year's shadowers are going to lead a lunchtime Carnegie Club, reading, discussing and keeping the Blog up to date. They will be guiding the Year 7 girls in the shadowing process.

Mrs Therezien...soon to be someone else!

Which is your favourite book?

Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief
56% (5 votes)

The fault in our stars
44% (4 votes)

Title: His Dark Materials: Book 1 Northern Lights
Author: Philip Pullman
Winning Year: 1995

When Lyra's friend Roger disappears, she and her daemon, Pantalaimon, are determined to find him. They journey all over their world encountering gypsies, witches, air balloon pilots and ice-bears to name a few. I've read 2 out of 3 of the series and