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Reading Realm
Group status: We are looking forward to beginning our shadowing. We can guess that Phillip Reeve's book, Blacklight Express will be on the shortlist and because the first book was excellent!

Our Fabulous Reading Club!!!

We Are Reading Realm From Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School In Faversham, Kent. We are a group of twelve enthusiastic children and two devoted members of staff. We read each book with great care and decifer the true inner meaning with great precision. We are a book club that meets every Friday lunch time and enjoy reading and talking about books.

Alfie Mulcahy

Fulston Manor School
Sittingbourne, Kent
Canterbury Road Primary School
Sittingbourne , Kent
The King's School
St Stephen's Junior School, Canterbury
Canterbury, Kent
Vote For Your Favourite Book

31% (18 votes)

The Bone Sparrow
2% (1 vote)

Salt To The Sea
5% (3 votes)

52% (30 votes)

Wolf Hollow
9% (5 votes)

The Smell Of Other Peoples Houses
2% (1 vote)

Title: The Machine Gunners
Author: Robert Westall
Winning Year: 1975

Living in Britain during World War Two, Chas McGill is determined to outdo his rival Boddser Brown in obtaining the ultimate war souvenir. When he finds a crashed German bomber in the woods complete with machine gun, he knows he can not only beat Boddser


Sir Roger Manwoods School

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

Herne Bay High School