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Saltash Shadowers
Group status: Week 5 already! The reading is excellent!

Meet our group:

Kailan, 12, who loves the Alex Rider series of books and enjoys a good steak!

Tabitha, 13, who is a Hunger Games fan and has the favourite colour purple.

Cort, 12, who enjoys reading the Inheritance series and also does archery!

Emily, 12, who likes the popular Harry Potter series and is partial to a piece of cake!

Ellie, 12, who is also a fan of The Hunger Games and also likes sushi.

Harriet, 13, who has so many favourite books she can't choose but does love a good chocolate sprinkle!

Matt, 12, who likes the Cherub books and has the favourite colour green.

India, 13, who is a big fan of The Lord of the Rings and will eat anything with chicken in it!

Nia, 13, who enjoys reading the Chocolate Box Girls series and goes ice skating.

Serena, 12, who is another Hunger Games fan and enjoys pizza and chocolate - but not together!

Georgina, 16, whose favourite books are the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and whose favourite colour is turquoise.

Jade, 13, who likes the Anne of Green book and is partial to some pasta.

Carys, 12, who enjoys reading the Missing series and loves a traditional roast dinner!

Hannah, 12, who likes a whole range of different books but her favourite colour is definitely purple.

Phoebe, 12, who is a fan of Stormbreaker and also likes to sing and dance.

Louise, 12, who enjoys the popular Maze Runner and plays the violin.

Finley, 12, who likes to read Dark Fire and loves a bit of pizza too!

They are led by:

Miss Beacroft, whose favourite book is Pride and Prejudice and who can't resist a bit of chocolate.

Mr Coot, who enjoys reading the Time Traveller's wife and loves a good, old Cornish pasty!

Georgina Curtis - Year 12

Plymouth SLS
John Kitto Community College
Hyde Park Bookworms
Map Minions
What is your favourite genre of book?

Teenage Fiction
Title: Stone Cold
Author: Robert Swindells
Winning Year: 1993

Homeless, frightened and alone, Link finds himself down-and-out in London after fleeing from his brutish stepfather. He only survives because he's befriended by streetwise Ginger. When Ginger suddenly disappears, Link is in despair. Then he meets Gail, a