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Rodborough Readers
Milford, Surrey
Group status: Brilliant rate of reading and reviewing. A fantastic group of shadowers this year.

The Rodborough Readers 2017

We are keen readers from years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Some of us have shadowed the Carnegie Medal before and some of us are very new to the process. We will be taking part in an inter school quiz in June for the Federation Literature Cup. The quiz is based on the Carnegie short listed books that the four schools in our federation have been reading. We are all keen to take part.

Mrs Armstrong-Harris

Woolmer Hill School
Haslemere, Surrey
Franklyn Nalle
Amesbury Bookbusters
The Runners
wormley witley,
Looking at the front covers and the blurbs of the shortlisted books which book do you think looks like a winner?

Rail Head
19% (5 votes)

Wolf Hollow
4% (1 vote)

The Bone Sparrow
15% (4 votes)

The Stars at Oktober Bend
22% (6 votes)

Sail to the Sea
33% (9 votes)

The Smell of Other Peoples Houses
4% (1 vote)

Sputniks Guide to life on Earth
4% (1 vote)

Title: Millions
Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Winning Year: 2004

Comedy is blended with real life drama in perfect balance, in this unique story of brothers Damian and Anthony who suddenly have to spend "millions" in seven days before the euro takes over from the pound. A gripping read with an exuberant plot that you


Woolmer Hill School

Broadwater School