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Group status: We are reading and preparing for our carnegie presentation.

This is our third year of joining the Shadowing groups.

We are a group of year 7 students, aiming to read all the shortlisted books and to add reviews to this site.

In addition to this, on the 16 June 2016, we will be attending the Carnegie conference which is attended by other schools in our borough. We will be presenting The rest of us just live here by Patrick Ness.

Ms Ishmael, Librarian

Salt to the Sea by Olivia
Although I have not finished this book I have instantly fell in love with it.
This book shows the perspective of the people who served in the war. . . .

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Railhead by Ryan
My book is about a small time thief called Zen Starling. So far I think that this book was very intriguing because of the subject matter.
Since th . . .

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The Smell of Other People's Houses by Kai-Riece and Abdullahi
In my opinion, The smell of other people's houses is a moving story in the perspective of four people Ruth, Dora, Alyce and Hank.
It highlights s . . .

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The Stars at Oktober Bend by Archie and Porsha
This entreating and tantalizing tale is based on a confused fifteen year old, whose name is Alice. She eventually meets a boy named Manny who was prev . . .
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Wolf Hollow by Seba
A brilliantly written book and it is exquisite in every way.
Annabel a small girl who is yet to experience the world of adventure is sprung into a . . .

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The Bone Sparrow by Daisy
This book is beautifully written with a fabulous story line. It is a heart breaking book with an insight on how the refugees feel. Anybody would love . . .
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Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth by Beatrice and Meryem
Funny,adventurous and dangerous. Those and no other words could explain the beauty of this book. Its hard to put the book down from the moment when Sp . . .
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The Stars at Oktober Bend by Ariana Islam
The Stars at Oktober Bend is about a young girl named Alice and a boy named Manny.
Something is wrong with Alice which she calls 'twelveness' whil . . .

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The Bone Sparrow by Ariana Islam and Brynmor Watson
This book grips you in from the very beginning.
The idea of living in a refuge camp is very hard for us to understand, however this story puts us . . .

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De Beauvoir Readers
Morningside Stars
Haggerston School
What book do you think should win the Carnegie this year?

The Bone Sparrow
Wolf Hollow
Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth
The Stars at Oktober Bend
The Smell of Other People's Houses
Salt to Sea