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Kings of Books! King's School Girls' Division

Group status: Our group of ten meets on Tuesday lunchtimes and has read lots of the books already!


The Stars at Oktober Bend by Raima
I think Stars at Oktober Bend is my favourite book as it is very moving and in a way romantic. The book is about a girl called Alice who is a poet and . . .
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Wolf Hollow by Raima
I think that Wolf Hollow is a good book to read because it is very moving in the end. I thought it was a book about wolves but actually it is an outst . . .
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The Smell of Other People's Houses by Keira
This book is about people's lives in Alaska and how they are different but they kind of connect. For me, this book wasn't really my type because I pre . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Keira
I really enjoyed the Bone Sparrow. It really moved me because even though it is a fictional story, it is something that continuously happens every day . . .
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The Stars at Oktober Bend by Niya
The Stars at Oktober Bend is an amazing book for those who like to read life stories including tragedies or sad events. Its wonderful how Glenda Milla . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Isabella
The bone sparrow by Zana Fraillon is a very touching book. It really made me think about how privileged we are.The families in this story are so kind . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Esme
I loved this emotional book and couldn't put it down. It follows a refugee called Subhi, who was born in a refugee detention centre. Subhi has never k . . .
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Salt to the Sea by Loryn
rating:***1/2 age:13 Salt to the sea is an entertaining read with twists and turns you wouldn't expect. All the four main characters each have a st . . .
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King's School, Macclesfield
Macclesfield, Cheshire
Fallibroome Academy
Macclesfield, Cheshire
Tytherington High School
Which book cover do you like best?

Salt to the Sea
15% (2 votes)

The Bone Sparrow
31% (4 votes)

The Smell of Other People's Houses
15% (2 votes)

Wolf Hollow
8% (1 vote)

31% (4 votes)

Title: Watership Down
Author: Richard Adams
Winning Year: 1972

"We've got to go away before it's too late." Fiver could sense danger. Something terrible was going to happen to the warren - he felt sure of it. So did his brother Hazel, for Fiver's sixth sense was never wrong. They had to leave the warren, and