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The Cosmic Ravensbourne Readers
Group status: We are all reading - some of us are enjoying our books more than others. Check out our book reviews below!

Why the disguises folks?

We are a group of 9 Year 7 students. We meet every Tuesday during term time in the War Memorial Library to discuss books and eat biscuits. We didn't read all the books but we had some good discussions. Some of the books we found confusing, some of the books we persevered with and some of them we gave up on! We really enjoyed our Carnegie experience and it has encouraged us to start up a reading group next year. Lots of us wanted The Smell of Other People's Houses to win and we mostly thought Sputnik's Guide to Life would win but Salt to the Sea was a worthy winner.

miss Halliwell

Wolf Hollow by Oscar
Wolf Hollow. Wolf Hollow is a tale about a bully and a victim during World War 2. I know that other people quite liked the book, but I found that the . . .
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The Stars at Oktober Bend by Sebastian
This book is extremely clever and is about a girl called Alice. She has mental health problems and finds it hard to write. She lives in a harsh envi . . .
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The Smell of Other People's Houses by Avril
This book is set in Alaska, 1970 and is about the lives of four teenagers; Ruth, Dora, Alyce and Hank. Each one of them has a different story but the . . .
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Railhead by Oscar
Railhead. Railhead is a fast paced, intriguing book set in the future where Ai's rule and living trains travel through portals between galaxy's. The s . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Aimee & Juliette
The bone sparrow was extremely confusing because it didn't reveal anything about who it was or where they were. we didn't really like this book at al . . .
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Salt to the Sea by Alfie
I have been reading Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and so far, I have really enjoyed it. I have always been interested in World War Two and the evacu . . .
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The Smell of Other People's Houses by Tanaka and Amy
Talks from a different character's perspective in each chapter but we don't who is talking [actually we have realized we do, the names are in italics . . .
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Railhead by Sebastian and Avril
Interesting, set in the future. Zen Starling is a thief who works for Uncle Bugs and a robot lady. Gets better as you go on when the themes become c . . .
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Salt to the Sea by Alfie
At the beginning each chapter starts with a quote and ends with "bang". I like this and it is intriguing. . . .
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The Stars at Oktober Bend by Aimee
A really good book with hidden messages like "You can do it no matter what happens". Thought provoking and challenging because what Alice has to say . . .
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Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth by Oscar
Thrilling adventure in which a boy (who doesn't speak much) meets an alien shape shifting dog. Confusing but puts out some really good ideas which ar . . .
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Title: The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Winning Year: 2010

Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, would be a completely normal boy if he didn't live in a graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts. For it is in the land of the living that real danger lurks, a danger that has already killed Bod's family.


Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

Born and raised in Alaska and a longtime journalist for Alaska Public Radio, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock spent ten years fishing commercially and raised her children on a boat in Southeast Alaska - bringing a rare authenticity to her writing about Americ . .