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Sutton Courtenay
Sutton Courtenay, Oxon
Group status: We are a group of Year 5 and 6 who meet at lunchtimes in our school library. We have just started reading the new shortlisted books.

The Journey by Ella
This book is probably the most moving book I have ever read because of how thoughtful the writer was when she wrote it. It doesn't go in to much deta . . .
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The Journey by Alisha
This is a really good book and the saddest book I've ever read because there is a mother and two children and their dad died in the war and they have . . .
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Abingdon Prep School Greenaway Group
Fitzharrys School
Abingdon School
Dunmore Primary School
Abingdon, Oxon.
What is your favourite book?

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
67% (2 votes)

The Marvels
33% (1 vote)