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KRS All Stars

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Wolf Hollow by Alicia
This book is set back in World War 2 with the main character of Annabelle - a twelve year old girl who lives with her grandparents, parents, her aunt . . .
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Salt to the Sea by Mr Purdie
Devastating. It took me a while to get into this book but I was gripped by the end. All the more disturbing because it is based on a true event. Dark, . . .
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The Smell of Other People's Houses by Mr Purdie
I really enjoyed this book: maybe because it took me back to my own childhood (which wasn't in Alaska! But a lot of the themes and ideas are the same) . . .
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Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth by Mr Purdie
Overall, an enjoyable book: funny in parts but also sad. The concept was very clever. However, this was not my favourite Carnegie nominee (sorry Mr Bo . . .
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Wolf Hollow by Cara
“Emotionally amazing.” The story line grasps the reader’s attention within the first line “The year I turned twelve, I learned how to lie. . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Blair
I found this book very relatable as I am an army child and have been brought up with parents in the army so I understand what he is going through. I a . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Cameron
I found this book a book that many people would enjoy. What’s not to enjoy about a an adventure of a refugee boy! The book includes many emotions . . .
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Railhead by Star
I would rate RAIL HEAD 4 ½ /5 because it is a strong, hooking and engaging book that can be read by most ages. I wouldn’t give it 5/5 because the s . . .
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The Bone Sparrow by Maddy
Overall, I thought that ‘The Bone Sparrow’ was an amazing book with a great storyline. I thought that one of the most intense part I read was when . . .
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